10 Times Former BB Naija’s Anto Has Served Lovely Chic And Classy Looks

Former BB Naija 2018 housemate Anto Lecky has shown she is not to be messed with when she is ready to take on her day and her style is just the inspiration corporate ladies need to build them confidence.

Anto has shown time and time again that her fashion taste is that of an independent capable woman, which just speaks for her character.

Whether its a gown, or kimono set, or a little jumpsuit, Anto has shown that she has an impeccable taste for the everyday working woman.

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See 10 photos of Anto that shows her chic style.

1. Anto looks great in this baby blue gown paired with strap heels.

2. Anto shows that color blocking can be done with class in her lovely gown.

3. Anto shows you can look corporate even with Ankara.

4. Black is your go-to color for chic.

5. This is one of the best pieces Anto has won and it is very evident.

6. Anto in this kimono two-piece is gorgeous

7. Anto is hot and shining in her pink jumpsuit

8. No stress needed to look good, just lay back and enjoy the attention

9. Anto brings simplicity in this wide legged pants

10. Spicy color for a dinner date

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10 Times Former BB Naija 2018 Housemate Anto Has Served Lovely Chic And Classy Looks

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  1. Fine outfits on a beautiful Anto. I love this lady

  2. she is beautiful and gorgeous in her outfits

  3. Beautiful! Quite a lovely collection she has there

  4. great styles out there, I like the outfits

  5. Great design and awesome style, cool pics

  6. All this ladies this dress are tempting and someone cant acess you

  7. She is good and Beautiful in differet dresess

  8. Lovely outfit ladies this is for you

  9. We have seen her. Nice pictures there.

  10. Its not enough to be facially beautiful, i hope she is endowed with good qualities too.

  11. wch of de anto. na antonia or antony?.

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