REVIEWED: 10 ways you can earn money from Rant Money income program

Ever since the launch of Rant Money income program the management team has been relentless in finding new and innovative ways of earning money legitimately online in Nigeria and we’ll continue to find more earning opportunities as the program evolves.

Our earning opportunities can be seen on the sidebars or within your user profile when you click on “earning opportunities” tab, the list is updated with every new method of making money here as it comes.

In this post we’ll be giving you our reviewed 10 ways you can earn money on Rant Money income program:

1.Sign-up Bonus (₦ 100): You earn ₦ 100 when you join Rant Money Income program, the bonus will be automatically credited when you login into your new account.

2. Earnings for Approved Comment (₦2): The primary objective of Rant Money website is to create a forum where Nigerians can Rant online and criticize or air their views on any news or issues that affects Nigerians. The comment section has simple rules which guide all Ranters to make meaningful and constructive comments.

3. Earnings for reading news (₦2): Reading news is also a core objective of Rant Money website; we want all Ranters to be aware of what is happening in Nigeria and abroad.

4. Earnings for referring a visitor (₦2): This is part of our unique offering to give Ranters opportunity to earn more money by referring visitors to our website through your affiliate referral link or by simply sharing your referral link under any post to friends on social media. Whenever a visitor/guest click on your link you earn ₦2. Note: when a you click on your own link or a registered member clicks on it there will be no earnings. Only clicks from non-members or guests earn you ₦ 2.

5. Earnings For eBook sales referrals (500): As you already know Rant Money is also an eCommerce website with different sellers who sells all kinds of products. Our affiliates can sell products on our Book store and earn ₦500 commission per sale. Read more here.

6. Earnings for news Posting (₦200): As a Ranter apart from Ranting in the comment section, you can also rant extensively by writing and posting your opinions or happenings in your community. You earn ₦200 per approved posts.

7. Earnings for Affiliate Referrals (₦1,000): Our affiliates ear ₦1,000 when they refer affiliates to Rant Money income program. They earn ₦1,000 when a new member purchases our affiliate membership through their referral link or by inputting their affiliate ID in the checkout page.

8. Earnings for freelance article (₦500): This is our freelance program for professional writers; they ₦ 500 per post which may be published on top news websites in Nigeria. Read more here.

9. Daily Sponsored tasks (₦120): Ranters earn ₦120 daily from participating in our sponsored tasks by posting on twitter and Facebook and also commenting on external websites.

10You earn ₦50 per coupon code sale profits from being a RANT MONEY COUPON VENDOR. – Contact us on whatsapp to become a RANT MONEY Coupon Vendor.

These are earning opportunities we offer as at the time of writing this post, some of which you can hardly find elsewhere.

S/N Instance Amount Limit
1 Your Earnings for Approved Comment ₦ 2 No limit
2 Your Earnings per coupon code sale ₦ 50 No limit
3 Your Earnings for referring a visitor ₦ 2  No limit
4 Your Earnings for reading news ₦ 2  No Limit
5 Your Earnings For eBook sales referrals ₦ 500  No limit
6 Your Earnings for news Posting ₦ 200 Maximum once per day
7 Your Earnings for Affiliate Referrals ₦ 1,000 No Limit
8 Your earnings for freelance article ₦ 500 Maximum once per day
9 Sign-up Bonus ₦ 100 No limit
10 Your Earnings for sponsored tasks ₦ 30×4=₦ 120  4 Tasks daily

Let us know what you think about Rant Money earning opportunities in the comment section.

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