2019: Tambuwal meets with Obasanjo

Gov. Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto state on Wednesday night held a closed- door meeting with former President Olusegun Obasanjo in his Abeokuta residence.

Aminu who addressed journalists after the meeting which lasted for about 50 minutes and ended few minutes to 9.p.m said he was in Abeokuta to consult with Obasanjo in respect of the 2019 polls.

“Obasanjo is one of the critical leaders of the country and it is necessary for me to consult with him concerning the 2019 polls, particularly on my aspiration to contest for the presidency of Nigeria.

The governor expressed optimism that Nigeria could still attain greater and enviable height particularly if the citizens vote rightly in the 2019 polls.

He advised that every component part of the nation should be given an opportunity and sense of belonging in the Nigerian  context.

Tambuwal also urged political gladiators not to make the 2019 election  a matter of “do or die”.

He described the clamour by the youths for increased participation in the governance process in Nigeria as ” justified” considering the high percentage of their population in the country.

Tambuwal called on the present leadership to accord them more opportunities to participate in governance process. (NAN)


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  1. As it stands, Opposition parties have lots of work to do to defeat Buhari in the next polls.

  2. Baba no be nugun na tambuwai should beware!

  3. good job Tambuwal, the reason for your meeting with OBJ makes sense,hope it comes out good.

  4. All these meetings and counter meetings are only to determine who gets hold of the national treasury. May God have mercy on us.

  5. You people should stop the selection issue, they should allowed our votes to count for the person we want not otherwise

  6. Our politicians sometimes gets things complicated

  7. Tambuwa probably needs experience and advice. But then Nigeria needs to live and survive out of the control of these men.

  8. Consulting with Obasanjo won’t make you win against Buhari even if you win the PDP primaries.

  9. Consulting obasanjo is a nice thing for Tambuwal to do with the situation we are in Nigerian politics

  10. This shows Obasanjo is the real don in Nigeria politicals. Even his enemies do contact him help

  11. Obasanjo will still be relevant except he is no more

  12. I know that they were talking about the way forward…good one

  13. Obasanjo, I believe you, anybody you stand with must excel.

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