5 Lucrative Digital Business Ideas in Nigeria with Small Start-up Capital in 2018

1.Local SEO Business Idea In Nigeria

SEO business idea is lucrative in Nigeria because it can make you wealthy with little or small more start-up capital. Becoming an SEO expert means learning an improved variety of Search Engine Optimization techniques to help improve a website search engine rank.

But once you have learned a lot of ideas about SEO, you can even start your own company.

There are people who are making quite a lot of money from their SEO businesses after going through our digital marketing training and you would be surprised to know that they all started as an SEO.

You can start your own SEO company in Nigeria but before that, you need to understand what it takes.

To start up an SEO company is a very tough task. You can become an entrepreneur if you know how the search engine works and how to ensure your client’s websites rank increases after optimisation.

How to start an SEO business in Nigeria

Starting up an SEO business is not simple. You need to be very much defined by your core requirements, you need a process that works.

To make your SEO business thrive in Nigeria, you have to understand the basics of website optimisation and ensure you’ve implemented what you are bragging about. Calling yourself the best SEO company in Nigeria will warrant you’re on top on Google search when prospective clients search for the highlighted keyword.

You can click here to check out our complete digital marketing course outline, For you to successfully set up an action SEO company in Nigeria, you should have acquired all the necessary digital skills needed to succeed and to be called an SEO expert or strategist.

These are some of the ways you can start earning money from your SEO firm in Nigeria. Before you start your company, you need to be defined what you want, how to get clients and how you want your company to grow.

  1. Copywriting Business Idea In Nigeria

If you’re looking for a business with low-cost start-up opportunity in Nigeria? If you’ve got a way with words and business nous, then you might want to adventure into starting a copywriting business here in Nigeria.
Whether in the form of direct mail, a web page or even a jingle, the copywriter’s job is to use persuasive language to sell or raise awareness of a product, idea or service – a skill that is very much in demand by some of the biggest brands in Nigeria and the world t large.

An intelligent and powerful copy can convince the casual consumer to switch brand allegiance, generate leads and supercharge sales – the success of a campaign hinges on the quality of its written content.

Requiring only an internet connection and a laptop, as you will see from the list of online businesses in Nigeria, copywriting represents a very affordable start-up opportunity for someone with a good grasp of grammar and a way with words.

Basically, a copywriter needs to have an idea how email marketing works and this is contained in our digital marketing course. We teach and help you master your email marketing skill to move your career to the next level.

How to start a Copywriting business in Nigeria

You need to be very much defined by your core copywriting requirements and skills, you need a process that works. So, to start up your own SEO company and make it successful, you should follow the checklist below:

Gather the necessary knowledge (Click here to register for our digital marketing training course)
Decide you’re going into business for yourself
Decide what kind of writing you’re going to do
Get your portfolio together
Pick a good name for your business
Get a website (Click here to check out available domain name and hosting)
Get a business card
A comprehensive understanding of the English language is a must – a major marketing campaign could become a laughing stock at the mercy of a stray apostrophe – but not just any willing wordsmith can make it as a copywriter.

  1. Social Media Marketing Business Idea In Nigeria

Utilising social media to its fullest potential can propel a business to the next level — if done correctly. Yet the world of social media marketing is still new to many people and is constantly evolving in Nigeria. A lot of businesses today who claim to be social media experts have consistently made these social media mistakes without taking a look at the effect it has on their brand.

So entering the digital world can be intimidating to those looking to expand their online presence. For business owners who aren’t interested in handling social media marketing themselves, outsourcing is an option. And providing these social media services to other companies can be a business in itself.

If you’ve ever thought about how to start your own social media business, consider looking at existing social media companies in Nigeria.

These companies are social media management agencies and they basically specialise in maintaining the Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blog presence for other businesses. Sometimes, these such companies also assist other business owners with planning social media strategy.
How to start a Social Media Marketing business in Nigeria
Starting up a Social Media Marketing business is not simple. You need to be very much defined by your core requirements, you need a process that works.

To start up your own Social Media Marketing company and make it successful, you should follow the checklist below:

Create your own social media marketing agency from home
Offer a wide range of social media and digital marketing services
Have the products and tools necessary to find and close clients
Up-sell and cross-sell your clients on other related and value-added services
Create a website that advertises your services and gets leads

  1. Blogging Business Idea in Nigeria

If you’re looking for the quickest and lucrative way to make money online, then the answer is blogging.

Blogging is turning out to an addictive part-time job for a lot of people around the world. Apart from being a great medium to express your feelings, expertise and experiences, blogs can turn into alternate means to earn some quick bucks.

Though blogging takes time before you can start earning big if you implement the right strategy covered in our training, you can start making money in less than six months.

With recession rocking the boat and intermittent layoffs and salary cuts – why not make some extra money through blogging. You need no special technical knowledge or literary abilities to start a blog.

How to start a Blogging business in Nigeria
Starting up a blogging business in Nigeria is relatively simple. To start up your own blog, monetize and make it successful, you should follow the checklist below:

Pick a topic that you love (See how to choose a perfect blog niche)
Create a blog (Click here to create your personal blog)
Build up traffic (Click here to learn how to grow your website’s traffic)
Build trust and credibility (See how to get those here)
Monetise (Click here to see how to monetize your blog)

  1. Website Design Business Idea in Nigeria

Web design or development is another cool business that requires technical know-how to start making money legitimately online.

Deciding to start a web design or development business is no easy task. It requires a certain degree of diligence, tenacity, ambition to begin working for yourself and a lot more things you need to know before starting your web design company. You’ll be faced with some very hard decisions along the way that can impact the success and growth of your web design entrepreneurial venture.

Web designers aren’t required to have any specific training or certification as long as they have the skills to design a site. Although it’s not necessarily a requirement, a knowledge of coding and programming can increase opportunities and income. Web designers should have:

How to start a Web Design business in Nigeria
Starting up a website design business is not simple. You need to be very much defined by your core requirements, you need a process that works.

To start up your own website design company and make it successful, you should follow the checklist below:

Acquire web design skill
Calculate Start Up Costs (Hardware, design software etc)
Establish Your Brand
Create Your Own Portfolio Website (Click here to create your portfolio website)
Figure Out How Much to Charge
Develop a Sales Cycle
Get clients

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