5 Times Your Favourite Celebrities Stunned In DNA By Iconic Invanity

DNA by Iconic Invanity

DNA by Iconic Invanity is a favourite among top celebrities as they can’t seem to get enough of the brand’s designs. Known for their intricate beading and embellishment, the colourful pieces from the womenswear brand are adorning the bodies of your favourites and we are loving them.
Beverly Naya

The actress stuns in a two-piece by DNA by Iconic Invanity straight off the Lagos Fashion Week runway. She rocked the matching shorts and jacket to the GT bank press cocktail and she looked pure graceful in it. Because the pieces are vibrant and very detailed, she kept the rest of her outfit pretty simple. Chic does it!

DNA by Iconic Invanity

(Photo: Instagram / Thebeverlynaya)

Powede Awujo

Powede Awujo also stepped out in a bright dress with structured patterns from the brand. She paired her dress with minimal accessories, matching her bag and shoes. Simple and chic! We love the pop of colour on her lips!

DNA by Iconic Invanity

(Photo: Instagram / Powedeawujo)

Vimbai Mutinhiri

The TV host serves black girl magic as she looks fabulous in an aso-oke ensemble from the brand. She rocked the look to a fashion event recently and we loved it. Her braids hairstyle and her PVC sandals added the perfect finish to the look. Uber edgy.

DNA by Iconic Invanity

(Photo: Instagram / The_vimbai)

Eki Ogunbor

Eki is radiant in the brand’s SS 19 aso oke jacket with coloured vertical stripes and floral beading. She matches the piece with an all-black fit to make up a sophisticated yet edgy look.

DNA by Iconic Invanity

(Photo: Instagram / Ekiogunbor)

Afua Osei

The media entrepreneur is gracious in a three-tone dress with multi-dimension details to the second day of Lagos Fashion Week. She completes her chic look with strappy heels and a purse.

DNA by Iconic Invanity

(Photo: Instagram / Afua_osei)

DNA by Iconic Invanity is gradually becoming a crowd favourite and evidently, there’s no going wrong in a piece from the brand. So, we have to ask, which of the pieces would you like to snag?

Check out more celebrity rocking the brand here.

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