Absence of principal suspect stalls Offa robbery trial

Absence of the principal suspect in the Offa robbery trial yesterday stalled the beginning of trial of other suspects at the Ilorin High Court in Kwara State.

Suspected robbers on April 15 attacked banks at Offa in Offa Local Government area of the state, killing many people.

The prosecution, represented by Kwara State Attorney-General and Justice Commissioner Kamaldeen Ajibade (SAN), told the court that he got information from the police high command that the principal suspect, Michael Adikwu, is dead.

Five of the accused persons in court yesterday included Ayoade Adebosun, Ibikunle Ogunleye, Niyi Ogundiran, Saliu Azeez and Adeola Abraham.

The suspects, who said they were served evidence of charge sheet on Monday, added that as a result, they could not meet their lawyers for representation.

The sheet contains exhibits, suspects’ statements and government’s witnesses.

Giving reasons why the trial would not continue, Ajibade said: “There are two complaints. One, the suspects do not have legal representation; two, we were informed by the police headquarters in Abuja that the first accused, Michael Adikwu, is dead.

“Taking a look at the case’s dairy, we discovered that there is a statement from the first accused person. I directed the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to contact the force headquarters and he spoke with one Abba Kiyari and he told us that the first accused person is dead.

“In this circumstance, we are constrained to amend the charge to remove his name from the charge sheet. We are, therefore, applying for a short adjournment. We will write the police requesting for evidence of Adikwu’s death.”

Ruling, Justice Halima Salman urged the Legal Aide Council to come to the assistance of the accused persons for legal representation.

She said there was no evidence of the first suspect’s death before her court.

Justice Salman said the court is determined to give the case accelerated hearing


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  1. what killed the principal suspect they should look for him this is Nigeria where anything can happen

    1. And nobody will question what happened most expecially if it’s within the noble people.

  2. Let them investigate it thoroughly and let the law take it place.

  3. They killed the principal suspect so that the case will just die down. This is Nigeria. This is how we are living now. That is just the end of the case

  4. The case still on ground since the arrest of suspects nothing have happen to them since

  5. All we need is justice,let stop sentiment

  6. Follow the constitution and face the reality and judge the case

  7. Let the investigation begins and it should be done properly

  8. Excuses everywhere just to run away

  9. Well, this is it. Now that the principal suspect is no more, then case is closed.

  10. nice tips. we should pray for thez country..

  11. That is the way the cookie crumbles. Politics!

  12. in taking the right course on the offa bank robbery issue, the right channel should be taken and monitored

  13. you guys should do proper investigation, and stop accusing innocent people

  14. Let the investigation continue. No impossibility here yet. It could take longer but definitely useful info will ensue in due course

  15. My country with all thy faults I love thee still.

  16. This Kind Of Things Are Not Rare In Our Country. Its Not The First Time Nor Will It Be The Last Time.

  17. I hope that they ave to investigate well before doing anything

  18. That means they did not charge Saraki

  19. Nigerian I know they must have killed the guy

  20. If adikwu is dead then that’s extra judicial killing

  21. Let this news not be another extra judicial killing in the fashion of the killing of the late Boko Haram leader who was killed in like manner that lead to the escalation of the Boko Haram issue today.


  23. Since the prime suspect is dead as they say which am not sure of, I just hope the case won’t die down like that

  24. let the proper thing be done since adikwu is no more again

  25. Bet me, you won’t hear about this news again

  26. this is a serious case that should be treated with all seriousness

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