ACCW: First Bank unleashes killer squad on Africa

Nigeria and FIBA Zone Three champions, First Bank Basketball Club have named a squad capable of winning the title at the FIBA Africa Champions Cup for Women, which begins today (Friday) in Maputo, Mozambique.

Six players that did Nigeria proud at the Women World Cup in Spain were named in the squad. They are Sarah Ogoke-Ejiogu, Aisha Mohammed, Nwajei Jasmine and Okoye Cecilia, Nkechi Akashile and Nkem Akaraiwe.

Others are Deborah Nwakamma, Mary Isuambuk, Okoro Ifunaya, Ewaoche Ojoma, Green Malaika and Mfutila Makiese.

The experience of the players who played in Spain would come in handy while the others are expected to provide the support that would propel the team to victory. Coach Peter Ahmedu stated that the squad was careful blended to give it a chance of winning the title this year.

Ahmedu noted that the players know the enormity of the task ahead, adding that the experience players were brought into the team to make it formidable. “Most of the players have played at levels higher than this one so I am sure they can deliver when it matters most.

“We have players who propelled the D’Tigress to the eighth place finish at the last World Cup in Spain and I am sure they will bring their experience to bear when the going gets tough. It won’t be an easy ride, but I am sure if we get our acts together we will achieve our goal,” Ahmedu added.

The team into the championship on the heels of two winning performance in the Zenith Women Basketball League and the FIBA Africa Zone Three Championship in Cotonou, Benin Republic. However, the coach stated that those tournaments were used to prepare the team for the African Championship.

“Its good to win the league back home and the Zone Three Championship, but this is the main thing. And after taking the team to two third place finish. I pray that we strike gold this time,” Ahmedu added.

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  1. I pray that they will win and makes us proud

  2. No matter the choice and combination of the players, if God is not involved they will fail. So, I pray that the good Lord will be with them and see them through in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    1. Very true, couldn’t agree less with you

    2. I agree with you sir. God is the pillar that stands still and cannot be fallen. God will help them through.

  3. Good tactical proposition but God must grant them power to win.

  4. Hopefully, they’ll amaze us, but no one really knows the future, This is them just being optimistic

  5. May God help them and go before them to succeed in Jesus Name

  6. Killer squad sounds somehow a better adjective could be used

  7. Wishing them success and safe trip.

  8. I hope they will correct all lapses before the tournament and not come back disgraced.

  9. i pray them they we succeed this match and win amen

  10. Sylvester Micheal Efeokhai

    Nice one

  11. Nice one, at fisrt I was afraid that killer squad ke? It’s ok I wish them the very best!

  12. I saw the headline and started thinkinh how can a bank have a killer squad

  13. First Bank with too much forming, they did well sha wish them success.

  14. Great bank in Nigeria wishing them save trip

  15. seems like our female sport stars are more dedicated than the male stars

  16. Wish you good luck. But preparation is the bed of success

  17. Nice one by First-bank. They are doing well. Greater heights to them

  18. Nice one..wishing them best of luck.

  19. I wish them the best of luck. But they should not underestimate any team

  20. C B N Wil Realy Apreciate Some Player

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