Adele Crowned Richest British Celebrity Under 30, See Top Three

Adele has been crowned as the richest British celebrity aged 30 and under for the third consecutive year.

The Grammy award-winning songstress toppled One Direction off the top spot in 2016. She retained the position in 2017 and in 2018 after her estimated wealth went from £132million to £147.5million, the Hello singer retained her crown yet again.

According to Heat magazine’s 2018 Rich List, Adele, 30, is the top on the list. Ed Sheeran has jumped to second place from third position in 2017. The 27-year old singer-songwriter knocks Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe to third place for the first time.

Although Adele has been keeping a low profile, she still manages to be a cash-magnet. In 2017 alone she pocketed £9million from record sales, while her world tour last summer earned her a massive £42million. There’s also talk of a £22million year-long Vegas residency in the future.

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  1. Wow That’s industriality for you.

  2. Queen Adele, she owns the UK music industry

  3. she is rolling in the deep hole of money
    i wish i had some one like u ADELE

  4. congratulations Adele, I really cannot believe she is just 30years

  5. Congratulations to an artist with Nigerians like nomenclature

  6. Adele has been during well that’s why she is the richest British celebrity at @ 30

  7. Congratulations to her. She deserves it

  8. Adele should be Nigerian name right?

  9. When you good in what ever you do. U always get elevated.. She is a germ and she deserves it

  10. wow!!! mentor … now that’s a wonderful thing to be jealous of

  11. Weldone lady! wish you more success and more grace

  12. Kudos to you and more greese to your elbow.

  13. I am here saying hello from this side you did it big. Kudos to you

  14. Good One For Her but she must remember to help the needy out of those riches.

  15. Wow so wonderful congratulation adele

  16. She keeps a low profile, but every song she releases are bombs

  17. is adele still under 30 years of age? i cant believe

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