Boko Haram attacks on troops: Buhari summons service chiefs

Worried by Boko Haram’s renewed attacks on military bases in the North-East, President Muhammadu Buhari has summoned all the Service Chiefs for a review session.

The President has also sent the Minister of Defence, Brig-Gen Mansur Dan Ali (rtd), to the neighbouring Republic of Chad for an urgent meeting with President Idris Deby and his defence counterpart.

It was also learnt that the deterioration in the security situation on the Nigeria-Chad border has led to recent increase in the activities of Boko Haram in the area.

At press time, the Federal Government was establishing contacts with the families of the victim soldiers.

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A reliable source said: “The President has called for an urgent meeting with the Service Chiefs.

“Also, the families of the latest victims of Boko Haram are being identified and contacts made before a government pronouncement on the tragic attacks.

“This, it is understood, is the reason for the silence of the government over the incident.”

One of diplomatic sources in Abuja, who did not want to be named, said: “Nigeria has a Chad problem in the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) put together to secure the Lake Chad basin areas and repel the Boko Haram terrorism attacks against all the countries neighbouring the Lake.

“Chad is believed to be having its own internal security challenges and these have reportedly led to their pulling away their own troops manning their own border around Lake Chad.

“That lacuna is being exploited by the Boko Haram terrorists who go in and out of Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon to launch terrorist acts.

“This is a clear illustration of the fact that terrorism is beyond national borders.”

When contacted, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said he was “aware that the Defence Minister is going to Chad but unaware of his mission there.”

A top military source, who spoke in confidence, said: “Most of the attacks were actually coming from Chad flank of the war against the insurgents.

“The insurgents take advantage of sudden withdrawal of Chadian troops for some assignments without adequate communication.

“We are however doing our best to address the coordination gaps. We will soon rout out these rampaging insurgents.”

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  1. What a sad news..Mr president should pleases take immediately action.

  2. When will Nigeria government be ready to wipe out this evil called Boko Haram. It’s like power is not properly delegated to do this

  3. All these service chiefs should be touchlighted. I cannot understand them again

  4. All bokoharam want is to destroy this country

  5. Its Good That He Has Taken Action Before Its Goes Out Of Hand Than It Already Is.

  6. Thank you guys for the wonderful news update

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  8. Boko Haram attacks on troops. these guys are heartless

  9. This is really bad, may their soul rest in peace

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  11. Isn’t it high time we needed foreign supports as regards boko haram. Doesn’t feel like we can actually fight this alone

  12. Boko haram should leave this country alone

  13. sad news..Mr president should pleases take immediately

  14. It is really regrettable that our soldiers are being slaughtered by there dare devils

  15. Federal Government should do something

  16. Government is behind boko haram, so they can’t do anything about it

  17. So painful…government should do something

  18. That was a slow response from the president

  19. I thought Nigerian Army said noting like Boko haram again

  20. We need more security in this nation

  21. this is just to basterdise buhari’s government, they want to be using those things to campaign against him

  22. shae you said Boko haram has been defeated ???

  23. There must take a measures to prevent future

  24. Yes, he should better do something before we all get killed

  25. nigeria government are not helping atall.. i won’t adiviced any of my reletives nor my enemy should go for amry recriuting….oWwse

  26. security issue is something to worry about Buhari

  27. I’m not sure about Nigerian army defeating bokoharam all alone, we might need help outside the country, because this killing of a thing is becoming rampand in Nigeria

  28. This is the country we find ourselves

  29. What exactly can be done to stop the insurgency,let everyone thinks

  30. I will end boko haram within 6 months and dis is already 3 years 6 months.. Only God will help us

  31. For how long are we going to be under the siege of Book Haram

  32. Urgent Action Should Be Taken By The Goverment.The Matter Is Getting Out Of Hand.

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