Boko Haram attacks on troops: Buhari summons service chiefs

Worried by Boko Haram’s renewed attacks on military bases in the North-East, President Muhammadu Buhari has summoned all the Service Chiefs for a review session.

The President has also sent the Minister of Defence, Brig-Gen Mansur Dan Ali (rtd), to the neighbouring Republic of Chad for an urgent meeting with President Idris Deby and his defence counterpart.

It was also learnt that the deterioration in the security situation on the Nigeria-Chad border has led to recent increase in the activities of Boko Haram in the area.

At press time, the Federal Government was establishing contacts with the families of the victim soldiers.

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A reliable source said: “The President has called for an urgent meeting with the Service Chiefs.

“Also, the families of the latest victims of Boko Haram are being identified and contacts made before a government pronouncement on the tragic attacks.

“This, it is understood, is the reason for the silence of the government over the incident.”

One of diplomatic sources in Abuja, who did not want to be named, said: “Nigeria has a Chad problem in the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF) put together to secure the Lake Chad basin areas and repel the Boko Haram terrorism attacks against all the countries neighbouring the Lake.

“Chad is believed to be having its own internal security challenges and these have reportedly led to their pulling away their own troops manning their own border around Lake Chad.

“That lacuna is being exploited by the Boko Haram terrorists who go in and out of Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon to launch terrorist acts.

“This is a clear illustration of the fact that terrorism is beyond national borders.”

When contacted, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said he was “aware that the Defence Minister is going to Chad but unaware of his mission there.”

A top military source, who spoke in confidence, said: “Most of the attacks were actually coming from Chad flank of the war against the insurgents.

“The insurgents take advantage of sudden withdrawal of Chadian troops for some assignments without adequate communication.

“We are however doing our best to address the coordination gaps. We will soon rout out these rampaging insurgents.”

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  1. We shall overcome them in Jesus name.

  2. Effective strategies to combat this gorilla warfare tactics by Boko Haram should quickly be adopted by the military while also carrying this present open confrontational approach.

  3. When Jonathan was buying weapons to fight bokoharam, it’s you people that still frustrated his efforts steal the weapons and gave it to the boko people

  4. mr president should have taken the action befor know. many of our army were falling massively everyday. pls we need international suport

  5. Nigeria is still suffering from insecurity.

  6. When are we going to conquer those evil blood sucker in Nigeria.

  7. If this can be done to our military then what is next

  8. it is necessary he summon them all

  9. When will this terror end? The need to be apprehended

  10. Thank you guys for the wonderful news update

  11. May God protect your Troop and give they strength

  12. Boko Haram aimed to distabilized this nation

  13. Sack all of them. If they don’t know what they are doing, replace them with another competent people.

    1. Sincerely one citizen of this nation knows the Genesis of this deadly group

  14. I watched the videos released by book-haram. It was so bloody

  15. That’s nice movement to fight against any sign of terrorist

  16. it’s time Nigerians soldiers hunt Boko haram very well

  17. this is getting out of hand we need more security

  18. It was a terrible thing that happened. By now Boko Haram should have been history don’t know what’s happening in our dear country.

  19. Hope it is not that they have started again. God just help in this country

  20. This is one of the reason why we need an active president that able bodied and healthier to act.

  21. is only god can help us against this boko haramu

  22. This is getting out of hand. Nigeria cannot handle this Boko/ Hahram

  23. This people is so heartless what else did the want the should please leave u alone in this country

  24. We need the help of US troops to battle this insurgency

  25. this boko haram is a disgrace to Nigeria what are we going to do now

  26. It’s a pity that inaction of the few has cost us so much today

  27. Something should be hastinly done about this by myself government

  28. Jubril from Sudan. What does he know about service chiefs?

  29. God will continue to help us in this country

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