Can N-Power beneficiary apply for P-Yes scheme? See answer here

Can N-Power beneficiary apply for P-Yes scheme? See answer here – There are many empowerment schemes currently ongoing in Nigeria today such as the N-power program; there is also the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES) and lots of others which unemployed Nigerians can benefit from. Visit to see how you can apply for N-Power and visit for P-Yes application.

I see a lot of you guys asking questions whether N-power beneficiaries are eligible to apply for the Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme (P-YES). The N-power programme and the P-YES Scheme is both Federal Government empowerment programme and if you look at it from the due process Angle, if you are presently benefiting from one FG empowerment Scheme you are not supposed to apply for another.

One of the main reason why P-YES are asking you if you are benefiting from any government Scheme on their application portal is to know those who really need the P-YES empowerment. To attest to this fact, I will show you an interaction between an N-power beneficiaries and N-power team regarding this matter. Check the image below:

This applicant who we believe is benefiting from N-power programme asked Please Should an N-power Volunteer Apply for other Social Investment program like P-YES or any Job Vacancy that is not permanent? And N-power responded: Good day sir, you cannot apply for more than one Government scheme. Thank you

I hope this answered the questions most of you has been asking whether Npower beneficiaries are eligible to apply for P-YES.

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