Dangote takes Blockmaster cement to Edo, Delta states


Dangote Cement Company has launched its new Portland limestone product, known as BlocMaster, a 42.5R grade cement designed for block moulding and all concrete needs in Edo and Delta State respectively.

Addressing distributors, block moulders and building contractors, in Benin City, the state capital, the Group Managing Director, Dangote Cement, Dr. Joseph Makoju, said the product is best for meeting all concrete needs in the building and construction industry.Makoju, represented by the National Sales Director, Adeyemi Fajobi, said BlocMaster is one of the many products from the Dangote Cement brand.

According to him, there are three other brands of Dangote Cement in the market in Edo, adding that BlocMaster is the best, as it dries fast after moulding into bricks.Enjoining builders and block boulders to patronise the new product, the Director, Route to the Market, Funmi Sanni, said the product quality has been certified as the best by regulatory agencies in the country including the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON).He said: “It is the king of cement because it is the best quality cement in Nigeria today, based on the laboratory research which shows it is of high quality in terms of value for money.

“When you mould blocks with BlocMaster and it is raining, you don’t have anything to worry about,” Sanni said.She added that the cement can be used to build houses without painting, as it comes out in good dark colour as well as being weather friendly.Cement dealers and distributors as well as customers appealed for more incentives, not only to distributors but also, the end-users, particularly customers and dealers to enable the product gain recognition and record maximum sales.

Meanwhile, while addressing distributors and block industry operators at the unveiling event in Asaba, the Director of National Sales and Distribution, Adeyemi Fajiobi, said: “BlocMaster cement, a product of years of research, is of high quality that will give users value for money by eliminating loss, it is their response to growing demands by stakeholders, bringing the total products of Dangote Industries Limited to four.

He assured that the new product will not disappoint as it can withstand weather elements including rains, adding, “This BlocMaster cement, which is the best for all block and concrete works, is a product of years of research, as testimony abound of its high quality in parts of the country, where it has been in use.
A reason we have decided to introduce it to Delta, Anambra and neighbouring states.”

The Director of Route to the Market, Mrs. Funmi Sanni, also told the gathering that the product is the final answer to all their worries about quality of cement in the building industry, especially as it eliminates breakages. She said, “BlocMaster has been tested and trusted, adding that it is the best cement for building of any structure including houses of all types, bridges and foundation of high rise structures.”

Mrs. Sanni also listed the characteristics on the bag of the cement that users will watch out for, noting that “BlocMaster is a super 42.5 grade cement, which means it is better and stronger. It sells faster than any other product. It is not just the best for block making but also the best for all concrete works.”

Some of the distributors who spoke at the event, commended Dangote for the innovation, but urged the company to maintain an efficient distribution system that will ensure that the product is readily available whenever consumers request for it.


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