Davido dares INEC, declares Adeleke as ‘Governor’ Of Osun

Davido dares INEC, declares Adeleke as ‘Governor’ Of Osun – Effervescent singer, Davido shocked his fans at the just concluded Felabration 2018 concert held at the New Afrika Shrine , Ikeja, Lagos.

Midway into his performance with Mayorkun , the outspoken entertainer declared his uncle, Senator Ademola Adeleke winner of the Osun governorship election.

Recall that Davido had opposed the result of the rerun election, stating that  PDP supporters were not allowed to vote in some LGs by some APC thugs.

Claiming that Adeleke truly won the Osun rerun, He said, “I want to give a shout-out to His Excellency, Governor Nurudeen Ademola Adeleke, the Governor of Osun State.”

The 21st edition of the much anticipated annual music festival, Felabration 2018, marking the 80th posthumous birthday of afro-beat maestro, Fela finally ended on Monday morning , October 22nd, 2018.

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  1. Adeleke won DAT election but u know wat tinubu can do ,dis is Nigeria

  2. Mr davido, so look INEC like Nigerians girls you can use their brains!

  3. By mouth saying,I think the case is in tribunal,why can’t davido wait till the outcome of Tribunal

  4. Davido is just talking free of charge. If they arrest him now his eyes will clear

  5. He must be stupid for saying that… Adeleke didn’t win the election, he wanted winning from the beginning but Omisore later gave them a shut up in the rerun election and that was the point/centre of their failure.


  7. Well, I can’t really comment on what I have no concrete proof on

  8. Nigeria God help us.

  9. I commend your valour Davido… that’s good to let them know indeed for those that don’t know

  10. The case is still with the election tribunal I guess so let’s wait until the final judgement is given.

  11. Davido is only supporting his uncle not gonna change anything

  12. Let the Truth be told, Adeleke won the election in osun state

  13. Keep on sleeping Mr davido…no wake ooo

  14. The Oshun election was a daylight robbery

  15. Court should avoid biasness, call a spade a spade.

  16. He has spoken his mind. He only declared his opinion.

  17. We need accurate and perfect announcement

  18. He should be arrested, well, small boy stuff sha!

  19. according to i witness and video news. It is true that osun election was rubbed by apc

  20. It seem davido is supporting APC

  21. That is freedom of speech and expression. The election tribunal will determine the actual winner

  22. Please davido just believe that the deal has been done already.

  23. Good i support him on that.
    Adeleke is the main winner.

  24. He is right for doing that, his uncle won the election but they denied him

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