Diamond bank debunks Access Bank acquisition rumors

Diamond bank debunks Access Bank acquisition rumors – Diamond bank plc has denied a media report that says Access bank is in talks with them on a possible acquisition.

diamond bank

Reacting to the report, Diamond bank issued a memo describing the report as false.

“The attention of Diamond Bank Plc (“the Bank”) has been drawn to the rumor in the media stating that the Bank is purportedly in discussions with Access Bank Plc to acquire the Bank”.

“We wish to state categorically that the Bank is not in discussions with any financial institution at the moment on any form of merger or acquisition”.

“We trust that the above clarifies the position of the Bank with regards to the rumor on the various media platforms”.


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  1. Is access bank running out of cash now that Diamond Bank can even think of acquisition?

  2. Our jobless bloggers are at it again. It could be that access bank paid for the sake rumours.

  3. i dont beleive is true because there is no smoke without fire

  4. Fake news spread more than real news

  5. If there is nothing behind it rumours can’t just be spreading

  6. People and rumours self, I don’t know why some guys job is spreading rumours

  7. They shouldn’t believe those rumours

  8. That is how people would be carrying rumor about


  10. I never believed that story from the on-set

  11. Nigerians just like to formulate news that will sell their platform.

  12. Me neither, I didn’t believe the news

  13. Bank debunking another bank isn’t a big deal.

  14. Media should investigate a report before given the information to the public.

  15. Who are those people spreading this rumor sef

  16. Thank God for the clarification. That is how some people create unnecessary panic

  17. I think there is a sense in this seems to be nonsense

  18. In every rumour, there is an element of truth. But I doubt if this can be true as Diamond Bank is government salary and pension bank

  19. Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean eventually it won’t diamond buying access is a good thing

  20. it might be a real fact with access bank because banks are unpredictable

  21. Two bank what to fight .they we use money to beat they self

  22. You dont expect them to say that the report is true

  23. There no smoke without fire, things can only remain a secret or rumor for just a matter of time.

  24. That is very proper. Many people are fond of spreading fake news.

  25. anyway that is their own business not concern me

  26. Thats Their Own Piece Of Cake. Let Me Go And Eat Mine.

  27. There is never a rumour without a pinch of truth in it. Let keep watching.

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