Doregos basketball championship hits semifinal round

For the first time in three year, the defending champion – Avi Cenna girls’ team will be missing when the semifinal matches of the annual Doregos inter-school basketball championship.

Avi Cenna was booted out by Strong Tower School in the quarterfinal round while host – Doregos will have their male and female teams competing for places in the final.

To berth in the last four, Doregos boys’ team defeated Kawefunmi School while their female team conquered Redeemer High School of Ogun.

The most successful team in the competition, International School, Lagos (ISL) returned to the big stage after missing out in the last two editions. To make it to the last four, ISL beat Geensprings School while Trinity School bundled out Honeyland School to hit the semifinal stage.

Unlike their mlae counterpart, the girls’ team of Kawefunmi School made it to the last four after defeating Phidel College, while Queens College saw off Dansol College to join the elite team in the semifinal round.

For the boys’ pairing in the semifinal, Trinity battles Airforce College while Doregos and ISL will renew their rivalry in the second semifinal tie.

For the girls’ event, Doregos confront Strong Tower while Kawefunmi takes on Queens’ College will all the matches expected to take place on Saturday November 24 at Doregos Private Academy in Ipaja, Lagos.

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  1. Naija has bunch of good talents that should be able to make the nation proud

  2. nigeria and our good talent. good luck to them

  3. It is good to discover the talent sport fans and bring them up, Good of luck to the host

  4. So far, it has been a very interesting tournament.

  5. A good opportunity for talents to be discovered

  6. This is an interesting thing , wish them success

  7. What a performance that must have been displayed to have reach that stage

  8. What more can I say, I wish them all d best in this tournament.

  9. Nigeria has been showing their talent now….I love this

  10. See great things Nigerians are doing…. I wish success at the end of it all

  11. They’ve really put so much hard work to have reach that stage… All the best to them

  12. Interesting episode of the game is what i love

  13. Great things happening
    wish all the best

  14. that is good,wish you guys all the best…

  15. has bunch of good talents that should be able to make

  16. Congrats to the teams that are doing well

  17. i have never been a fan of basketball, the game is very wicked to me.

  18. That is very good , more talents discoverys like Aves

  19. Go go Dorego, it seems they are going for gold.

  20. I wish all the team participating good luck

  21. Catch them young and they become superstars. That’s how football and other sports should go to the grassroots and set up competitions to source for good players

  22. I wish them success as they look forward to final

  23. This is another game to encourage the youths. It will make them keep fit and not lazy youth according to ……

  24. I pray for successful on behalf of Nigerians

  25. Who will pay for my ticket? I wish to be there.

  26. Congratulations to them semi finalists. Would love to be there live and direct.

  27. Nigeria is made up of bunch of undiluted talents. Believe me loads of them are still yet to be discovered

  28. I dey feel you I wish all of you success

  29. From the tournament they have been doing very ok, congrat to them and i pray they win the final

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