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Gabzy Media just delivered a brand new website for a client – Watch out for

Hello Ranters,

Following the announcement about our web design services, Gabzy Media has successfully completed a project for a client who was referred by one of our affiliate; we have of course paid the referral commission of N2,500 to the hardworking Ranter who told the client about our services.

The brand new website named Nigerian Defender []  is an online Newspaper that is charged with defending the nation against fake news. Their mission is to verify daily news and sieve out fake news by outlining the facts of the story. They are the first ever Nigerian fact check website to protect our readers from the dangers of reading fake news.

The new website will be promoted by Gabzy Media on Rant Money for the first three months and our technical team will take charge of all technical matters including SEO, optimizing for speed, getting AdSense for the new site within 2weeks as well as making sure the website starts making money before the end of three months.

Our services are always available 24/7 and we deliver within 24hrs after payment. If you want to go fully into online business we are here to make sure you succeed; contact us here about your project let us make it go online.

Watch our for, it will make a big impact in Nigeria’s media space within a short period of time.

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  1. This is awesome at least with is we can know an authentic news

  2. This Is Great. If Only My Audience Will Just Hear Word For Once In Their Life.

  3. that’s good because we are tired of fake news and rumors

  4. Kudos to gabzy media give us the link to the website so we can give you feedback

  5. Gabzy media are doing great no doubt more grease to your elbow @ team Gabzy

  6. Wow…that’s good to know.
    Good work there, Gabzy!

  7. Good job from Gabzy media,i just check the site,it is perfectly created.

  8. Good work, there will not be fake news share around.

  9. Waw I Congratulate the Owners of Nigeriadefender

  10. Congregation for that good www by gabzy

  11. This is really impressive by gabzy media, can’t wait to see this

  12. Waiting to see this website on top of market, wishing it the best odlf luck

  13. thanks for gabzy media for this opportunity cause there are some people that usually share some fake news

  14. This is really helpful.. Thanks for sharing

  15. Good idea thanks for protecting your client images

  16. This is something nice to try out

  17. I will Watch out for

  18. Well done to the ranter, I believe in gabzy keeping to their words on referrals

  19. Congratulations to him, hope hw makes cash from it

  20. A good website for a good price

  21. This is a welcomed development

  22. That’s welcome development

  23. I’M AFRAID….. I’m afraid of this great platform about its lasting… I wish Gabzy is to be forever for its fidelity to all of its ranters

  24. That is quite great, i like it, up Gabzy, A big congrats

  25. thank you gabzy media there we b no fake news anymore

  26. Wow…good job.
    Good job doesn’t hide

  27. A good step in the right direction

  28. Online business is profitable

  29. Congratulations to you. Gabzy media

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