How Make over 200k Monthly On Rant Money Using Nairaland Forum

I just discovered that nairaland forum could actually give each and every one in rant money  nothing less than 200 referrals every month. i don’t know what you’re still doing here when you can actually tap from millions of nigerians on nairaland who are hungry for new opportunities like rant money .

Just go and create an account on nairaland and post what you normally post on facebook whether you’re posting as individual or as group, post in categories like business, investment, jobs etc in nairaland forum for at least 1 week.

go to and create a free account. after creating account in nairaland, go to your email and confirm your account registration. then wait for 24 – 48 hours before you start posting your free adverts, referral link or WhatsApp link to drive massive referrals to sign up with your referral link. as long as your put up nice post without spamming or violating the nairaland forum, you’re good to go.

Facebook is not the only place you can get referrals, there are also lots of whatsapp group where you can see lots of people including students and unemployed or fresh graduates seeking for something to do online to make money. This categories of people are  waiting for you to show them rant money  opportunities where they get paid to be enlightened by reading rant money  news. by the time you combine nairaland, facebook groups and whatsapp groups, you’ll definitely get lots of referrals.

Rant Money Pays

Create your whatsapp group, prepare your presentation write-up and start driving people from nairaland forum, facebook groups and whatsapp groups into your whatsapp group and you’re good to go. apart from working hard, you also need to be smart.

Stop complaining that referrals are hard to get and start doing something now. for a new and legit opportunity program like rant money income program, getting referrals is very easy because the program is still very much new and untapped.

Don’t forget that rant money payout out over 1 million naira every month to all eligible members and referral is not compulsory.

I hope this piece of information will go a long way in helping you make more money on rant money income program.


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