How To Get Atleast 10 Referrals On RANT MONEY Weekly Through Whatsapp

WhatsApp is used by over 1 billion users. The average person have at least 200 to 300 contacts in their WhatsApp contacts (phone book). Let’s assume 10% are interested in you earning with RANT MONEY  and have decided to join. This brings it to about 20 to 30 persons who are interested from the 200 to 300 contacts on your phone.

Now let’s do a small arithmetic. This means out of the 20 to 30. At least 10 to 15 would join you weekly since you get to be constantly promoting RANT MONEY  in your WhatsApp day-day usage.

Today am going to show you how to get referrals to register under your RANT MONEY  Referral link without having to spam WhatsApp or any other social media space.

1. CHANGE YOUR WHATSAPP STATUS TO RANT MONEY SLOGAN: Changing your WhatsApp status to RANT MONEY  slogan is a good way to start. You can decide to use slogans or hashtags like #RANTMONEYIncome #RANTMONEYRocks #AskMeAboutRANTMONEY etc– You can use  any of these hashtag or you  customize your status to anything or any slogan relating to RANT MONEY  you’d ever wish for

2.USE RANT MONEY  IMAGES AS YOUR PROFILE DISPLAY PICTURE: Yes! Getting your contacts awareness is necessary as they need to know that you are actively engaged  on RANT MONEY . Change your display picture to RANT MONEY  logo, pictures, banners or images of RANT MONEY you can find .

3.FORWARD YOUR RANT MONEY  TEXT LINK AND PROMO TEXT: You can decide to forward your RANT MONEY  text link with PROMO Text to your contacts on  whatsapp. These contacts should be  frequent contacts so whatsapp doesn’t feel you are spamming. Use the RANT MONEY  PROMO TEXT to engage your contacts about joining RANT MONEY  in your conversation and remember to always give them your referral link.

4.CREATE A WHATSAPP GROUP: This of course is the last and most important aspect. Bring your contacts closer to your group and always engage them in up to date news about RANT MONEY . Discuss  and share your experience on RANT MONEY  with your contacts in your group. Send RANT MONEY  your Whatsapp group link to join to make presentation about RANT MONEY .

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