Gold Cup: Sunshine Stars set up Kwara Utd final tie

Sunshine Stars will battle Kwara United in the final of the 2018 edition of Gold Cup Preseason Tourney at the Ondo State Sports Complex in Akure on Saturday.
Goalkeeper Ayo Ojo stole the evening after he stopped two penalties as the Owena Waves beat Remo Stars 3-2 on penalties after they played 1-1 in regulation time in the semi final clash on Thursday.

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Midfielder Omaka Anthony gave the Kabiru Dogo side the lead in the 9th minute with a fabulous free kick from 25yards.
Remo Stars responded well after the goal, dominating with impressive counter play.
Their efforts were then rewarded eleven minutes later as Edoka Owochio scored from a goal mouth scramble in the 20th minute to equalize for his team.
The game was then forced to penalties after the game ended 1-1.
Ayo Ojo proved why Dogo introduced him in added time as he saved the first and forth penalty kick taken by Remo Stars.

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  1. Best of luck to both teams.

  2. I admire goal keepers that can stop penalties. Good job Ayo.

    1. Goalkeeper is the man of the match

  3. Best of luck to sunshine utd let Nigerian know u are back

  4. This is going to be a though match….up kwara.

  5. I wish the both teams all the best in the competition

  6. I pray that Sunshine Stars will win Kwara United in the final of the 2018 edition of Gold Cup Preseason Tourney.

  7. I anticipate a fair play from both teams

  8. That is a very good development for them

  9. Up kwaaa united… They should keep up the good work and never relent

  10. I will be supporting kwara united to win

  11. it was not easy for both teams. football is a game of passion and enthusiasm… i belive the fanal is going be something different.. they all need hardwork to wins the gold cup.. f

  12. Up sunshine up ondo state wishing you guys victory

  13. that’s good I see the match is gonna be very interesting

  14. Sunshine will shine over kwara united. Sunshine all the way

  15. Good. Hope The Sun Really Shines On Them.

  16. No wahala. I wish them the best in the tournament.

    1. Sylvester Micheal Efeokhai

      na so

  17. Sunshine stars have been playing well from the inception of the game,they should be able to defeat kwara united

    1. I want to prove your wrong that it might not work out as pridicted by you because football can be just predicted but it is unpridictable in nature.

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