Here Are Some Businesses You Can Start In University

business in university

Have you ever been really broke in school? If your answer is yes, then you’re not alone.  Seeing that the Nigerian system doesn’t really facilitate working and studying at the same time, life can be quite hard for some university students. That’s why you need to start a business in university.

Being in the university is an open door for financial empowerment. Since we believe there’s no one who doesn’t want to make some extra cash, we’ve put together some businesses you can start in university. Here they are:


Are you good at teaching? If yes, you might think of going into the private tutoring business. By going into private tutoring, you can offer coaching lessons to other students, by taking advantage of late night reading sessions. If you’re considered by your peers as intellectually advanced, it’s best to take advantage of that to make some extra cash.

Here Are Some Businesses You Can Start At University

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Selling hair and beauty products

Women at every level spend a lot of money on hair and beauty products. As an undergraduate, selling such products could be a very profitable business in university. You can sell hair extensions, natural hair products, makeup, skincare products, perfumes or any other thing that’s considered a beauty necessity for women.


Modelling can be a fun and interesting way of making money. Also, since the perception of beauty is changing, you don’t necessarily have to be a specific size or colour before making it as a model. As long as you know how to walk the runway or pose for the cameras then there’s definitely something there for you.

Here Are Some Businesses You Can Start At University

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Freelance writing

If you’re a skilled writer and you’ve got expertise in a particular niche, you can start taking freelance jobs. You are at an advantage because you don’t necessarily need to be at a specified location to take freelance jobs. There are so many companies hiring freelance writers so you can take advantage of that and make some money for yourself.


This is a common side hustle among undergraduates because events and parties are guaranteed to happen. A single ushering job can pay as much as 30,000 Naira. Simply register with any ushering  or event planning company  and start making money while studying.

Here Are Some Businesses You Can Start At University

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Jewellery making

The business of  jewellery and bead creation is quite lucrative. Brides these days go all out when it comes to the traditional looks and with the use of social media platforms it’s not hard to meet your target audience.  All you need to do is get trained, upload your creations and start making money.


Baking is a very profitable business in school because people love cake. You can bake for weddings, birthdays and the like. By perfecting your baking skills you may well be on your way to establishing yourself financially for life.

business in university

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For more insight into making money moves in university, here are some businesses you can start with 20k or less

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