Here Are The Most Interesting Social Media Trends That Defined 2018

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Nigeria may be the poverty capital of the world and top the most disappointing lists but you can’t take away our ability to entertain ourselves with our God-given talents. Social media has amplified this, pushing us to form an online community and gifting us with trends we can all relate to.

2018 has been packed with these social media trends and with the year coming to an end, we’ve curated a list of 11 of the funniest trends that went viral this year.

1. My Yé Is Different To Your Yé

Burna Boy did not know he was blessing us with a trend when he released Outside in January. The anthemic standout track of the EP, “Yé” gained popularity after Kanye West dropped his album with the same title. This led artist, Osh, to coin the term ‘My Yé Is Different To Your Yé‘, his freestyle sample of Burna’s song which is  used to establish superiority.

2. Money-Swallowing Animals

Our leaders don’t bother with finding viable excuses to explain the disappearance of large amounts of money anymore, they just blame it on an animal picked out of a kid’s book. In February, a snake allegedly swallowed N36 million and in March, the torch was passed to a monkey. Whichever of these animals took this money, we know they are living better than most Nigerians.

3. Lazy Nigerian Youths

In April, President Muhammadu Buhari referred to Nigerian youths as lazy and this blew up the Nigerian social media space with many people coming out to show the rigor they undergo to make ends meet. Are we really lazy or just riddled with lazy leaders?

4. “Sho Mo Age Mi Ni”

These five Yoruba words translate into ‘Do you know how old I am?’. The trend was inspired by actor and comedian Kazeem Abimbola, popularly known online as Jigan. The trend which went viral in May was promptly snatched up by the Nigerian online community especially because respect plays a huge part in our culture. So the next time anyone is rude, you can clap back with ‘Sho mo age mi ni’ because you’re not anybody’s mate.

5. Na Dem Dey Rush Us

In August, we saw ‘Na Dem Dey Rush Us’ go viral. This saying was coined from a Nollywood movie scene where the character (played by Charles Inojie) tries to show how smooth he is with women. Many people have taken this to several levels, stating how effortlessly they are rewarded in life. Can economic prosperity rush us in Nigeria?

6. Sweet Boy Association

In September, Falz set a new trend when he released the video for his song, “Sweet Boy”. The refreshing video inspired many Nigerian men to plead for a spot in the Sweet Boy Association (SBA).

7. Everywhere Stew

A lot of us were genuinely confused in October when Wizkid tweeted “EVERYWHERE STEW” while promoting his new song “Fever”. Wizkid eventually brought us out of the confusion when he dropped the music video where he was all loved up with Tiwa Savage. The trend suddenly made sense as the video quality and presence of Tiwa made it visually appealing, likening it to the Yoruba signature hot stew. Many people have snatched it up to describe something that is fresh and hot.

8. Shaking Tables

This trend went viral in the online community in October and does not seem to be going away anytime. The term ‘shaking tables’ simply means to call someone out for an unacceptable behaviour. This might not seem funny at first glance but Nigerians have worked their magic and spun it to work in funny situations.

9. Kupe Boys

How can we forget the men who traveled across continents to dance shirtless in a repetitive style to a song they don’t own? Four buff men known as The Kupe Boys rose to social media fame when they posted an Instagram clip dancing to a song titled “Kupe”. The clip went viral online but because we are Nigerians and we are by default, extra people, the Kupe Boys were invited to perform in Nigeria. The tailors in charge of making their shirts must have disappointed them because they performed shirtless in clubs in Abuja and Lagos..

10. Mr Spell-Anything’s Buhari Mashup

Social media has been known to be quite unpredictable so when Mr. Spellz- Anything went viral, we weren’t shocked, we just laughed. The Instagram comedian spells words in completely hilarious ways with letters that do not exist. His spellings inspired a viral song that is such a surprising jam.

11. Y’all Won

The National anthem of Yoruba demons worldwide was inspired by Cardi B’s baby daddy, Offset. The trend went viral after Offset responded to Cardi’s separation announcement with “y’all won”, blaming his enemies for making him cheat on his wife. This has sparked many social media skits of people consciously engaging in detrimental actions and captioning it “y’all won “since we’re blaming other people but ourselves.



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  1. They are really nice trends, especially sho mo age mi ni

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  3. Yoruba demon, sho mo age mi ni, and the Fever saga were hits for me

  4. Thanks for these, i did not know these before.

  5. should mo age me is a slang Nigeria youths like very much

  6. That is fantastic favorite beautiful and nicely

  7. 2018 as been a great year for this celeb

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  9. But what happened to tiwa and wizzy, has the stew gotten sour?

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