Here’s How This Superwoman Manages Two Fashion Businesses

side hustle

Side Hustle Diaries is a weekly series that celebrates women who manage to balance a full-time job with a side hustle.

Today’s edition of Side Hustle Diaries is about Mrs. Lemuel Yole-Odior, a serial entrepreneur.

Hello Lemuel. Could you introduce yourself?

“My name is Mrs. Lemuel Yole-Odior. I graduated from the University of Benin Fine and Applied Arts Department, Textile Design. I also have a masters degree in Textile Design from the University of Benin. I am currently the CEO and co-founder of Lemionis Designs, a Textile and Fashion Design company and Z&Z Bridal, a full-service bridal outfit.”

side hustle

(Photo: Instagram/znzbridal)

How did you get the idea to start your businesses?

“Well, Lemionis Designs was birthed in 2013 when there was an ASUU strike and I had to learn how to sew to fuel my passion for fashion. I have always loved dressing, styling clothes and matching outfits and I had an undying love for Ankara. The desire to build a business that restored the finesse of our African culture birthed Lemionis Designs and this led to countless nights and days of learning online and also shadowing a couple of awesome designers and attending any fashion show possible at the time.”

“Z&Z Bridal, on the other hand, was birthed after my experience in planning my wedding and helping my friends plan theirs. Two months after my wedding on the 20th of January, Z&Z Bridal was born out of my burning desire to take the stress off brides during their wedding planning and also make the process of finding vendors seamless. It drove me to write a book – The Brides Handbook.”

side hustle

(Photo: Lemionis Designs)

Did you experience any form of discouragement?

“Hmm, discouragement did come in, but on a low note. I would say I had more supporters. For the low times, all I just needed to do was focus on why I choose to go into the business in the first place. As much as making money is one of the goals of any successful business, the passion and the vision for the business is a major driving force.”

How do you cope with balancing both businesses with everything else?

(Sighs)…”Big work I tell you. It’s been God’s grace no doubt. Seriously speaking, it takes a major level of calmness, patience, and endurance to balance family and business and two businesses.
There are lots of times I have had to sacrifice business for family and vice versa. I’m also blessed to have a family that supports my business and also wants to see that I succeed. This makes it a lot easier to pull all strings together. Balancing business and everything might men that your number of friends might reduce and also like 24hours is not enough, but proper planning and a good support structure has made the journey less stressful and enjoyable so far.”

side hustle

(Photo: Lemionis Designs)

What’s your advice to aspiring to aspiring entrepreneurs?

“Passion is important in starting and growing any business, but never take for granted the importance of learning the skill of business management. Every entrepreneur has a big dream, but if you do not have the right keys to bring this dream to pass it will all end in frustration. Discouragements will come and most times you might be your only supporter, just never quit. Keep going. It’s always beautiful in the end.”

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Featured image by Lemuel Yole-Odior.


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  1. Amazing lady, combining business and family aint easy talk less of having two businesses, shes really a superwoman

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