I got my first TV set through Asoju Oba Cup, says Oshonaike

On African record, Olufunke Oshonaike remains the most successful female table tennis and in her 40s, she is still relevant as she is aiming to set another record soon.

But the Germany-based Oshonaike would forever relished every moment of her participation at the annual Asoju Oba Cup.

Apart from bringing to limelight, it was at the tournament that the former African Champion got her first television set after claiming the women’s singles title in the 1990s.

“I cannot quantify the impact Asoju Oba had on my career. It is one of the competitions in Lagos where good players emerge and I could remember vividly that it was the television set that I won at Asoju Oba that was the first TV set in my house. Most of us looked forward to the tournament because of the numerous gift items that the sponsor used to dole out to players.  We could not imagine missing the competition and it became part of our plans every year.

“Apart from the tournament, the late Chief Okoya-Thomas was a father to all of us players because he gave his all to us. He was passionate about the sport and particularly he showed love to the players as most of the players that used to take part in the competition were from poor home. So through this competition, we got gift items that we probably would not have gotten in life,” the 2017 African Champion said.

Oshonaike however lauded the family of the late business mogul for keeping faith with the tournament three years after his demise. “I must commend the family of chief for not stopping the tournament because it will help to unearth new talents for the country while it gives local players the opportunity to test their strength against one another,” she added.


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  1. A legend must keep record of his victories

  2. Thank God for your life. At least you were encouraged.

  3. She is indeed successful female table tennis

    1. She is still contributing her quota. She is going be recorded as one of he legends in sport later after she might have retired.

      1. Very true couldn’t agree less with you

  4. Thank you for thank. I will go for any thing set as pride in competition

  5. Then, we must also see to it that we do something good to be remembered for

  6. First is always in the heart no matter how many more u do

  7. All is well! At least good for youths.

  8. Nice one thanks for this information it will motivate upcoming talented youth

  9. She’s really trying.
    I like the way she play

  10. Congratulations to you, its a sign of good things to come.

  11. Good for her I really admire her courage

  12. its really great. congrats to you dear.

  13. that is great… vividly the local terms have contribute for her achiavement… it is important any organisation you belong to, learn to respect your coaches for whom they are, because it reallY helps…m n

  14. This is a good inspirational speech. Preparedness is the birth of success

  15. This is the positive end result of consistence… Whatever you find to do, do it well

  16. Quite memorable indeed. It is good to be good.

  17. I love the game of table tennis but at professional level the game is very difficult

  18. Keep soaring high, the sky is just your beginning

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