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Join Rant Money Freelance Writers program – We Now Pay ₦500 per article

Rant Money Freelance Writers program – get paid to write articles in Nigeria – We are happy to inform all Ranters of our brand new earning opportunity for those who can write articles suitable for publication across all our media/publishing platforms. Rant Money is owned and managed by Gabzy Media, a digital marketing and publishing company – also the publishers of FINANCIAL WATCH ( which is Nigeria’s top Financial and Business news website.

Rant Money offers viable earning opportunities you can hardly see anywhere else – Below are earning opportunities here:

Instance Amount Limit
Your Earnings for Approved Comment ₦ 2
Your Earnings for site visit ₦ 50
Your Earnings for new Post ₦ 50 Maximum once per day
Your Earnings For Sponsored Post ₦ 50
Your Earnings for referral of a visitor ₦ 2 No Limit
Your Earnings for referring a visitor ₦ 2 No limit
Your Earnings For New member registration ₦ 10 No limit

Another easiest way to make up to ₦50,000 or more every month on Rant Money is to refer  affiliates to register through your referral link, whenever an affiliate successfully purchase our affiliate package and pays you get ₦1,000 commission. If you can refer 10 affiliates in a day that is ₦10,000.

Now We are offering Freelance Writers opportunity to make more money

Are you talented and think you have what to share and earn? If yes, we are offering opportunity for high quality content writers to write for us and earn huge commission per article published. When your article gets approved you will earn ₦500 and it will be published here and if it is a business/financial article it will also be published on FINANCIAL WATCH.

Kindly note that this program does not replace the existing post submission from your general profile, it still remains 50 naira per post.

Accepted Niches/Topics: Nigeria (Topics will be given). You may be required to be so resourceful so as to produce contents on areas that may not be so familiar to you.

Payments: N500 per article (payable on demand – daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)

Qualities all articles should have:

(1) Not less than 1000 words (may be more depending on the emerging ideas when writing)

(2) 100% original ideas and plagiarism free

(3) Well informing (with bullet points and pictures) if applicable

(4) Good command of English

(5) Ability to engage readers and spark action

Terms & Conditions:

(1) No one writer can submit more than one article per day

(2) All articles will be reviewed before approval, acceptance and payment

How to Apply

  1. Register for free account here
  2. Upgrade your account to affiliate Here

To Request for Topic, Click on “Request for Topic” tab in your affiliate area menu.

(Optional) If accepted, you may be required to send us any source of identification based on the approved topic ( a copy of national ID, Driver’s License or International Passport)

Rant Money Article Writing Guidelines

(1) Article Topic: All articles should be on topics that aid daily living in Nigeria. These are education, shopping, health, wealth, business, investment, How-to Guides, banking, Traveling, Food, Culture and Marriage, Relationship, Traveling and more.

(2) Keyword definition: Please make sure that you include and define the target keyword in the article in the first paragraph. Any other stories may follow after that. Also, the keyword should appear at least 10 times in the body of the article. Do it in such a way not to irritate the reader.

(3) Related Search Terms: Before you write, put that topic in google search. On google search result, scroll to the bottom of the page and see the related search terms. Make sure you include the related search terms into your article.

(4) Article Length: The word count should not be less than 1000 words. It might be more. There are some writers who write 2000+ words. So, do not limit your ideas to 1000 words. We expect you to express yourself more freely.

(5) Post Image: If you have a very relevant image, just copy it and paste at where you will want it to appear in the article.

Earn more money by sharing this post. Copy and paste the URL below and share to friends, when they click and visit Rant Money website you earn:

You have been spending money buying data to read news online while publishers make huge revenue from adverts without giving you a dime; this is about to change as Rant Money now shares her advert revenue with readers - 

Register now to start earning

Rant Money Comment Policy

Your comments MUST BE constructive with vivid and clear suggestion relating to the post.

Your comments MUST NOT be less than 5 words.

Do NOT in any way copy/duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn. Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out totally as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continue the act again.

Rant Money does not pay for exclamatory comments Such as hahaha, nice one, wow, congrats, lmao, lol, etc are strictly forbidden and disallowed. Kindly adhere to this rule.

Constructive REPLY to comments is allowed


  1. This is good opportunity not only to make money but also to inform.I am interested and will contact you ASAP.Thank you

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  14. I hope to make more money through this thanks alot.

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  16. am interested and will contact you
    ASAP.Thank you

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