Let Gabzy Media setup your blog and get free traffic for the first three months!

How Gabzy Media assist clients in improving SEO and web traffic

As many of us already know, Gabzy Media – the company behind Rant Money Income program is a top digital marketing company that thrives on innovative ideas as well as creating income streams for internet users.

Recently we advertised our website design and development services which come with:

  • One year hosting
  • Free domain name
  • Website security
  • Optimization for search engines
  • Automated cloud backup
  • Free traffic for three months

If you are a blogger or have an idea of what it takes to run a successful website, you will know that traffic generation is one of the life bloods of internet business. There are millions of existing websites in Nigeria alone already getting daily hits, for a new website with a new domain, getting hits within a month is not an easy job.

We at Gabzy Media know web traffic is the major challenge new bloggers face – so we have decided to support clients who use our services to create their blog.

How we send our clients free traffic

When you use our service to setup your website, we send you free traffic for the first three months through our daily sponsored tasks. We don’t just send you traffic that comes and exits with no interaction with your content because they actually comment on your post and share on social media.

Rant Money is a fast growing website and we have the potential to send our clients 1,000 active daily users who visit your new blog and comment.

We help you to start making money within three months

Getting traffic is great but it will not generate income until you monetize it! Every blogger starts with google AdSense and we know how to get one for all our clients within three weeks. Just follow our guide and your website will start generating real dollars within three months. AdSense is only a start – we still have more ways you can make money from your blog.

Why are we doing this?

As a digital marketing company we know that even though there are millions of existing website in Nigeria there is room for improvement. Make no mistake about this, there is still money in internet business and we want to play a role in producing the next generation of bloggers in Nigeria. We also know that when our clients succeed as a result of our hard work, they will in turn become our partners and join our marketing network which is actually a mutual relationship where everyone is a winner.

The cost

You get all the above packages for ₦25,000 only! We also gave our affiliates opportunity to get  ₦2,500 commission when they refer clients to us.

How to begin

Simply order our web development service by clicking here, place your order and get your website ready in 24hrs!

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  1. Gabzy media that a great offer, but it cost much for a starter.

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