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Lightweight Layers: The New Chic Trend To Try

Lightweight Layers

Lightweight layers have become a thing here in Nigeria, one that fits our weather, unlike conventional layers. They not only add a new dimension to outfits but they also leave you looking like a million bucks!

The logic behind lightweight layers is to layer sheer pieces over opaque ones. Think in the direction of pieces that come in fabrics like chiffon, mesh, lace, net and sometimes tulle. There’s no special way to pair the pieces – all you have to do is fix them into areas you think they are needed. It could be a skirt that forms an illusion or a piece worn over a top or a dress.

Lightweight Layers

(Photo: Instagram / Olarslim)

Lightweight Layers

(Photo: Instagram / Lilianesoroo)

The reason they are not as tricky as conventional layering is that the layered piece fits in just to create an illusion. So it doesn’t have as much effect as adding a cotton top or a blazer to your outfit. Also, it leaves the outfit feeling light and breezy as ever – where has this been all our lives?

Lightweight Layers

(Photo: Instagram / Oliviaarukwe)

Lightweight Layers

(Photo: Instagram / Veronicaodeka)

If you thought that was it, well you are wrong! Sometimes, you could even take things a little further with sheer pieces with embellishments and prints if you feel like doing the most.

Lightweight Layers

(Photo: Instagram / Abi_kd)

If you are interested in conventional layers as well, get the double dose with blogger sisters, The Yusufs here!

Featured image via Olarslim, Abi_kd, Oliviaarukwe

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  1. I love such expressional outfit in grand style

  2. Lol, that na mosquito net na

  3. i love the outfit of the first lady

  4. they worth to be tried, they are beautiful.

  5. Beautiful and excellent fashion truly

  6. All these are like mosquito net now. There are places where those clothes are not acceptable i n Nigeria.

  7. Good for the fashion industry

  8. The lady in the first picture is amazing

  9. Simple dresses compared to others, beautiful and elegant dresses

  10. Awesome layers I will like my wife to try some of this.

  11. That is fantastic favorite beautiful outfit that is nice one

  12. Hay for real this fashion is cool and excellent.

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