All you need to know about Rant Money affiliate program

If you have been active on the internet for a while you may have been hearing or read about affiliate marketing, this is because the internet have evolved over the years to a market place with the rise of e-commerce which have seen the phrase “internet marketing” mean more than just a phrase to become a new found profession for many in the past couple of decades.

Many businesses, companies or producers of goods and services take advantage of the internet to market their wares and reach more customers globally or locally, but then there are some of us who do not directly produce our own products and we wish to also partake in internet marketing – for these set of internet lovers that is where the term “affiliate marketing” comes to play.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale or referral that you make. This has created more opportunities for anyone who wants to gain from the digital economy to make a living.

Rant Money income program runs a clean affiliate marketing that earns you huge commission on monthly basis when you become our affiliate thereby increasing your earnings and cashing out on monthly basis.

What do Rant Money affiliates market?

Some of us here may have figured out the big picture ever since the launch of Rant Money Income Program, our vision is to be the most popular e-Commerce platform in Africa while providing daily news, online forum and social networking for our members, the best part is that we pay our members for being here and partake in Rant Money activities. Rant Money is leveraging on the power of discount to allow our members and guests purchase what they want through the best deals possible. We negotiate discount with sellers of all kinds of products so we can all afford it. Why would the sellers agree to cut price for us? It’s simple – imagine over one million online shoppers decide to buy from a particular shop! that’s a win-win situation for both Ranters and the seller. So basically our affiliates will play a major role in marketing these discounted products and make huge commission from each sale.

Also our affiliates earn 1,000 naira flat commission from any referral of another affiliate to register on Rant Money.

What’s the difference between Rant Money Affiliate program and the rest?

One of the hard part of affiliate marketing is the fact that someone must buy a product before an affiliate can earn a commission even if he/she have referred over 100 potential buyers in a day and this discourages a lot of people from joining affiliate programs. Here in Rant Money we figured the challenge and have made every referral visit count on your earnings. Any referral visit to our website comes with a cost per click (CPC) which is determined by the daily advert revenue of Rant Money. So even if your referral visitor don’t buy anything or register as affiliate you are guaranteed an earning.

How can I get my referral link and creatives?

It’s very simple, when your affiliate account is activated simply click on “affiliate area” and you will find your referral link. Our creatives/banners can be found when you click on “creatives” from your affiliate area, if you have a blog you can put our banners on your website and start earning per click.

How you can join our affiliate program

When you sign-up your free account, your affiliate account will remain inactive until you order and pay for the affiliate package. To make the order simply click on “join affiliates” from the top menu and make your order, after your payment have been received your affiliate account will be activated.