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Many Feared Dead As Tanker Explodes In Cross River


There are fears that many people have lost their lives after a petroleum tanker burst into flames at the Odukpani Local Government Area of Cross River state.

Channels Television gathered that some of the residents were scooping fuel from a fallen petroleum tanker when the explosion occurred.

The tanker laden with PMS was reportedly heading outside the state capital when it suddenly lost balance towards the Federal Housing Estate along the Odukpani axis of the highway and fell off.

Dozens were said to have rushed down to scoop the spilled product which later resulted in an explosion leaving many burnt beyond recognition.

Majority of the victims are said to have sustained third-degree injuries and are currently at the University of Calabar Teaching Hospital.

As of the time of filing this report, the number of casualties recorded could not be ascertained.

Attempts are being made to reach relevant authorities to get a clearer insight into the unfortunate incident.

Below are some more photos from the scene, some pictures have been purposely left out because of their graphic nature.

More details later.

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  1. Good update thanks keep it up you the best

  2. May their soul rest in peace,and quick recovery to the ones in the hospital

  3. May God hill the injured and may the soul of the dead rest in peace.

  4. Nigerians too much oil and they start blowing themselves up

  5. So sad news may the injury victim receive quick recovery and may the soul of the deceased rest in the perfect peace

  6. heyaaaa….pity his family ..anyways his deeds won’t be a waste his race of life..RIP…Mr driver

  7. may their soul rest in perfect peace

  8. bad road is the cause, but our people should not risk their life.

  9. Many their gentle soul rest rest in perfect peace

  10. This is very bad,measures should be made to provide separate routes for tankers

  11. may their soul rest in the lord bossom

  12. May the Lord continue to protect us and watch all over us

  13. This is bad news everywhere we go God guide us Amen

  14. That is painful loss of life and property.

  15. Is a petty to the victim, well such is life.

  16. May their soul rest in peace

  17. This is sad, may their soul rest in perfect peace.

  18. I pray God comforts them

  19. This people died due to greediness. rip to them

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