Meet Funto, An Investment Banker By Day And A Personal Shopper By Night

Side hustle

Side Hustle Diaries is a weekly series that celebrates women who manage to balance a full-time job with a side hustle.

Today on Side Hustle Diaries, Funto will be telling us how she copes with a full time job as an investment banker and her personal shopping business.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Oluwafunto Sanu.

What do you do for a living?

“I work as an investment banker in Lagos, Nigeria. I’ve been working in the financial services industry in Nigeria for 5 years now even though my educational background is in Psychology. I like to call it a career that chose me, I didn’t choose it. But I’ve ended up loving it.”

Sounds like you enjoy your full time job

“I love my full time job. Many people that know about my personal business sometimes advise me to leave my full time job to focus on my personal business, but I’m enjoying the job a little bit too much for now.”

Side hustle

(Photo: Funto Sanu)

What gave you the idea to start your side business?

“It was a need I saw. I buy a lot of things from the UK and USA, and have used a couple of personal shoppers/international logistics companies in the past. The charges were quite expensive and I kept looking for a cheaper way to import what I wanted. I love bargains, and kept finding a cheaper way every time. I decided to start FabShopper out of the knowledge I had gained from my bargain hunting and help others bring in stuff from the UK and USA affordably.”

How has the experience been since you started and what lessons have you learned?

“It’s been exciting for the most of part. Sometimes I get discouraged when things don’t go as planned, but then I receive another order from a customer, which is another opportunity to serve someone and I get over whatever past disappointment I may have faced and just move along. As for lessons learnt, do not depend on favours or friends and family if you want to run a successful professional business, run a business as a business, pay for professional services, cost it all in, know what your real cost of operating the business is and know how to price your service or product as the case may be, accordingly.”

How do you cope with balancing your work, business and everything else you’re involved in?

“It has not been easy, but it keeps getting better. Discipline is of utmost importance, so one thing doesn’t suffer for the other. When at work, know it’s work, and when off work have a scheduled and disciplined time for business and every other thing. There’s also the place for flexibility if need be. The grace of God is also the cord that holds everything together, if not, trust me it’ll all fall apart at some point.”

Funto Sanu

(Photo: Instagram/ FabShopperng)

Your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

“All you need is a strong relationship with God, the passion to be steadfast in the business, the ever growing knowledge of the business and industry you’re in and a willingness to be ingenious and innovative at all times.”

You can connect with Funto here.

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