Meet the Latest President And First Lady

Meet the Latest President And First Lady – Wizkid’s latest song ”Fever” featuring Tiwa Savage is trending all over social media and mama Jam Jam has already announced that she is the first lady while Wizzy is the president.

The duo are rumoured to be dating. So the fever might have a hold on Teebillz wherever he is but as at the time of writing this we are yet to confirm this.

Read Tiwa’s write up:

Introduction: President and the First Lady of the Pepper Stew Association 🌶🌶🌶 #ThisIsAfrica #Beautiful ❤️

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  1. So carry on, you can even bear Miss and Mr Universe

  2. Money is capable of making you to bear whatever name you want to bear

  3. Wizkid just did media stunt to confirm their rumours. I don’t believe they are dating. Why didn’t they k**s if they are dating

  4. Tiwa is so shameless, with her money and fame, she’s in this dirty mix with someone she’s far older than.

  5. Really they are Beautiful And Interesting

  6. I hope this aunty don’t regret her actions in future

  7. I think they are just out to make money from the rumour that make people feel they are dating

  8. There is nothing wrong in what ever the duo are doing.. It allowed

  9. They’re have been doing things together this days but Only God knows what is in between them. But this their new drop-fever is superb!

  10. That’s their life their matter, their business. I know its a publicity stunt.

  11. This is the song that is trending all over social media but believe me,tiwa and wizkid are not dating

  12. Their choice, their life. Not my business

  13. They really latest president and first lady,good friends

  14. Pepper stew association this girl lack conscience

  15. The relationship between Wizkid and Tiwa was debunked by Tiwa to be rumor that nothing such happes between them. Only God knows but the way they relate this days is very suspicion and that alone is evident enough.

  16. Their cant be president in even in a small country.lmao

  17. I so love the song, I have been playing it since yesterday

  18. It is pretty good to have a self esteem

  19. First lady and president of music nation indeed.hahaha!

  20. Starboy still topping the charts keep it up

  21. President of where, which people. Igbo smokers united?

  22. They don’t use fine boy to win election

  23. So because tiwa featured in wizkid’s song they are couple, people are so funny

  24. You can call youself what ever you want so far as there is money

  25. they are not dating, everyone knows that when two artists are too close some people will conclude that they Really dating

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