New payment method for upgrade

Happy independence day Ranters,

We observed that many people  were finding it difficult to upgrade using paystack payment system, for this reason, the management has decided to make it easy for everyone by introducing direct bank transfer option.

This new payment system will now be used  for those who do not wish to pay using their ATM cards through PayStack as this is simple and easy for anyone to upgrade without stress.

How to upgrade

After login in click on upgrade located at the top corner of the site, it can also be found on your profile menu. when it opens you will see the instructions and account number belonging to the company Gabzy Media, after payment send your proof of payment and username by clicking the WhatsApp link located in the upgrade page for approval.

Any issue or complaint should be directed to the WhatsApp link located in the upgrade page and no complaint will be entertained at the comment section..

Also note that all September payment has been cleared.

Thank you all, have a joyous independence celebration.

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  1. Nice upgrade and idea and pls any info about the sponsored posts?

  2. Thank you for the Updates really we recieve our payment

  3. Thanks for this great post my amiabe admin.

  4. Interesting,i never for once like making payment through paystack

  5. So what will happen to those that referred them using their link. We need our benefits from referrals

  6. Great, can one pay through mobile transfer?

  7. I think this method will be better off as many encounter difficulties trying to upgrade

  8. This is really helpful for ranters.

  9. Thanks for the information. It’s better

  10. Congratulations to those that have received their Sept pay.

  11. so happy for the new upgrade..thumbup

  12. Thanks for this upgrading, kudos to you all.

  13. thanks I hope it’s better than before

  14. That is a good new. Bt I ve nt reach my limits for payment

  15. thank so much this is really great

  16. Thanks for introducing this simpler payment gateway

  17. paystack was easier for me. The new method is not a bad idea too

  18. This is wonderful. I love the way you are making things easy for ranters

  19. This is way easier and shows the platform is legit

  20. Kudos to you. Keep up the good works.

  21. can I get referal link bonus while waiting for upgrade??

    1. Ikechukwu Duru,

      Why not do the right thing and stop asking this type of questions

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