Nigerian big boy Escoba Smith empowers ex-driver with car

Nigerian big boy Escoba Smith empowers ex-driver with car – Sharing a photo of the car presentation to his ex-driver, Escoba Smith wrote;

A giver will never suffer a defeat..My car gift presentation to Chijioke Okwa#Empowerment#

Nigerian big boy Escoba Smith empowers ex-driver with car lailasnews

Escoba Smith was in the news few months ago after he got his wife a brand new car as an early birthday gift. Escobar Smith posted photos of his wife and her car with the caption ;

Bday Gift in Advance to my dearest wife, Enjoy your nunu

Nigerian big boy Escoba Smith empowers ex-driver with a car lailasnews 1

Nigerian big boy Escoba Smith empowers ex-driver with car lailasnews 2

He also presented a brand new 2017 Toyota Prado SUV to his pastor, as a birthday gift. The new car is valued at well over 30 Million naira.

“Thank you for the special role as my spiritual mother. You give of yourself in so many ways to guide and nurture me and my family in our spiritual lives. Wishing you a HAPPY BIRTH DAY with my Token Gift of Brand New 2017 Toyota Prado.” he wrote.

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  1. Good one from him, nice empowerment

  2. OK, God bless you only if your source of wealth is not questionable.

  3. A good heart and a noble act. May God bless him

  4. God him,it is good to empower people when you have the opportunity.

  5. this is the type of a good phylantropis that we want

  6. Then hand that gives will never black. Keep on with this humanitarian services. There are a lot thousands people with luxury cars out there that can’t even afford wheel barrow for people who are need talkless of buying and gibing out cars. Glod continued to bless you brother.

  7. Congratulation to mr. Awka, and also nice one coming from mr. Escoba

  8. That is very good, I expect that from many Nigerians… kudos man


  10. You did good thing but must you announce it publicly?

  11. That’s Wonderful, He Has Done Well.

  12. very nice man. wot a good

  13. This is are really good things, as the saying goes “givers never lack”

  14. This is a commendable empowerment. And his actions are worthy of emulation

  15. What a cheerful giver.this kind of people are needed in our country nigeria

  16. he know someone is guiding him spiritually with the power of God

  17. What a nice and commendable gesture, may God bless him for that

  18. That’s pretty good to be kind. but is your wealth Godly sir?

  19. Let him give me a brand new car

  20. Thats very good ,the ex driver will be very happy

  21. this is what we are talking about! If all the rich people would empower people like this, no one will be unemployed by 2025.My personal take anyway.

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