No room for fresh voter registration until after 2019 general elections, says INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has debunked the news making the rounds that the commission has commenced fresh voter registration.

In debunking the news which has gone viral in the social media, INEC noted that the news is not true.

Besides, the commission said voter registration will only continue after the 2019 general elections.

In a tweet @inecnigeria, the electoral body shared by  INEC Director, Information and Voter Education, Mr. Oluwole Osaze Uzzi said Nigerians should disregard the false information being circulated on the social media.

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“Information reaching the commission that some persons have been circulating messages online that “INEC has giving another opportunity to register for your PVC, starting on the 2nd to 10th December 2018.”

“The report is untrue and we advise the public to ignore it,” he stated

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  1. They are preventing some eligible voters from voting. It is injustice

  2. May God see us through 2019 election

  3. Good information i wonder when i come and cross the news before

  4. Please, people should stop spreading fake news.

  5. They should better great more rooms instead of saying no

  6. Good idea that is how it suppose to be. It late aready for fresh voter card

  7. The clarification is a good thing but what about those reaching age of voting today

  8. I think is okay… If they can manage to be on their stance

  9. I know this fake news must have started by someone

  10. This news to dispel that of the social media by INEC is a welcome development.

  11. Before nko? I would have been an aberration for INEC to kick start fresh voter’s registration at this time.

  12. How about does turning 18years, what will be there voters card

  13. Fake rumor can spread faster than the truth

  14. Good inec has come out to make their position known

  15. Thank you for this update some people are trying to confuse me here

  16. I agree with this, it wont allow any one to rig the election , it has to be based on the number of people that vote not just ghost voters

    1. You said it well… I’m also in support of this.

  17. I don’t think this measure will in anyway curb election rigging and other games politicians have got up their sleeves

  18. INEC are you for us or against us, we need further explanations

  19. I think this is a welcome action, everything we do should be protocol

  20. I hope they stick to what they say

  21. That is their own cup of tea, I have already got my own.

  22. The registration window should be opened through out the year. Some people don’t have the PVC and they are ready to vote at all cost

  23. Good information i wonder when i come and cross the news before

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