Npower News 2019 – See Today’s 10 latest Updates Here

N-power News 2019 – See Today’s 10 latest Updates Here – – Today we’re going to give you N-power News 2019. You’ll See Today’s 10 latest Updates here and how can be used to get all trending n-power Nigeria updates. N-power 2019 application is currently online, click here to apply now.

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Minimum wage: did it also increase Npower beneficiaries’ stipends – President Muhammadu Buhari a few days ago signed the new national minimum wage bill of N30,000 into law which according to sources within the presidency takes immediate effect nationwide.

Ever since the passing into law of the new national minimum wage there has been a lot of rumours especially on social media that the new development has resulted in the increment of the monthly stipend of the federal government social intervention program, the Npower.

The rumor has it that the Npower monthly stipend has been increased from the regular N30,000 to N50,000 as a result of the raise in workers’ salaries across boards…Read more here!

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Kindly note that 2019 npower Build Recruitment will commence on November 5th. Application closing date is 16th, 2019

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