Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria 2019 | Requirements & how to apply

Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria 2019 | See 50 Vacancies Here – It’s time you see lists of all the current oil and gas recruiting companies. You’ll see big oil companies and gas companies that needs new staff’s. All you’ll need to do now is to read this guide well.

If you know Nigeria too well, you’d have noticed that oil and gas jobs is the highest paid Job anyone can get in Nigeria. Not only that, you’ll also get some special treat if you’re an oil company worker.

Today, we’ll be showing you the top oil and gas jobs you can get in Nigeria. It’s so easy and simple only when you follow the guide’s outlined below:

Requirements for Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria Today

This section explains in details all the things you’ll need before you can be consider to work in any oil and gas company.

Like what’s been said earlier before now, you can get any oil company jobs in Nigeria if you can follow the guide’s on This page.

Your degree must be relevant enough to help you secure a job in an oil and gas company.

Have the passion to work with team. Team work is important in any oil and gas company.

Your CV must be update so it will meet the latest CV standard. Take your time to review your CV because it’s the only thing that will tell the company who you are and what you can do.

How to Apply for Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria?

Since you’ve already read some of the application requirements, it’s high time to see the method of application below:

You’ll need to see all oil and gas jobs from Here.

If you’re submitting your CV, ensure you update it.

Types of oil and Gas Jobs you can get in Nigeria

You can get a job in an oil and gas sector from either a private foreign company or a Nigerian federal government oilnand gas industries.

There’s also option to get a partime job in an oil and gas company if you don’t want work full time job.


You have to kindly note that there’s no oil and gas jobs in Nigeria you’ll get by paying. However, some private recruiting agency in Nigeria can also help you secure a job in an oil and gas company faster. One such companies are Dragnet Recruitment , GMAT Nigeria and Workforce.

Is any oil and gas company recruiting This month?

The answer is yes, because there are so many recruitment currently going on in various oil and gas companies.

If you want to get Latest job vacancies in any big oil and gas company in Nigeria, kindly use the comment box below to ask is for it.

We’d be updating this job guide with list’s of portals/websites in Nigeria where you can get Latest oil and gas Jobs in Nigeria this week.

Do you need to get Latest jobs in oil and gas companies? Kindly share this post on any of the social network below.

Comment if you have Questions to ask.

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