Oil ,gas suppliers ready to combat adulteration of petroleum products

Natural Oil and Gas Suppliers Association of Nigeria (NOGASA) says it is ready to partner with the Federal Government in curbing circulation of adulterated petroleum products and pipelines vandalism. Alhaji Abdulahi Idris, the Deputy Chairman of NOGASA’s Board of Trustees, made the pledge during the inaugural ceremony of the association held in Abuja.

According to him, government is managing virtually all aspects of oil and gas but a lot of logistic issues are hindering its efforts at achieving the desired goal.

Idris said that collaboration between the association and the government had become necessary because the latter alone could not address all the existing challenges in the oil and gas sector. “There was increasing population and sustained struggle to keep up with high demographic demands for vital industrial and domestic petroleum product.

Petrol, diesel, kerosene and domestic gas became difficult to push to end users and consequently private investors and players started coming in to help tackle the challenges. “Distribution of petroleum products, however, suffered a great deal of obstacles as a result of fragmented and individual engagement of the job. “We have discovered that the challenges, intrigues and delay have translated our experience to take up our rightful place in the industry,” he said. The deputy chairman stated that the association had resolved to be a responsible and forthright representative body that would partner with the government, among other objectives, discourage illicit transactions in the downstream sector. He further stated that the association would avail itself of the benefits and various support provisions such as products, capital, insurance, banking relationship, litigation among others. In his remarks, the President of the Association, Chief Benneth Korie, said the strategic position of the industry as suppliers of Natural oil and gas in the overall development of economy could not be overemphasised. Korie called on marketers patronising illegal depots to desist from doing so, saying it would jeopardise the association’s efforts in addition to the frequent damages caused by adulterated products.

Read more at: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/10/oil-gas-suppliers-ready-to-combat-adulteration-of-petroleum-products/

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  1. The rate of bad fuel is really high. Spend more money for less effecient product

  2. Adulteration is very rampant in this country, even normal cooking oils are adulterated.

  3. If they can implement and execute this, its a nice action

  4. Let it be implemented as soon as possible.

  5. can we say out security agency were corrupt to deal with the situation

  6. Pls,reduces the price of fuel and kerosine.

  7. This can’t work because the members of government are sending thugs to do this

  8. help us reduce the price for the sake of less priviledge

  9. The rate of fuel and gas is high,please they should do something

  10. All these oil and gaa associations, most of their members are those behind illegal refinery in this country. God will expose them as these illegal refinery activities destroy our environment.

  11. Even while fighting adultrated oil also fight for the price to be reduced biko

  12. Pipeline vandalism has started before they gave birth to him that is talking rubbish for his mouth

  13. They seriously need to work on this to avoid loss of life

  14. We nerd them to do things like this.. So that masses can benefit from it


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