Our role on Ayefele’s house reconstruction, by Oyo govt

The Oyo State government has explained its role in the current reconstruction of Music House belonging to popular gospel musician, Mr. Yinka Ayefele, in Ibadan, the state capital.

The structure was partially demolished last August.

In a statement yesterday by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Communication and Strategy, Mr Bolaji Tunji, the government said its intervention was informed by the acknowledgment of contravention of the state building code by the management of the Music House and the personal appeal by Ayefele to Governor Abiola Ajimobi.

Tunji said the appeal by various stakeholders to the government as well as the preparedness of the owner of the building to rectify the contraventions, which would involve the reduction of the frontage fence line by 1.5 metres, among others, informed the intervention by the governor.

He added that the parking lot at the tail end of the building, near the entrance of Lagelu Estate, had also been reduced by 10.9 metres to allow visibility.

The governor’s aide said the current frontage of the building was being remodelled to become the back of the building, while its back had been converted to the frontage.

In line with the recommendation of the joint committee of the state government and the Music House management, Tunji said an entrance was being reconstructed from the rear of the building to the staircase housing the ram for the exclusive use of Ayefele.

The statement added: “There is also the recession of the current façade on the frontage of the building by 2.9m. The new fence will be grill fence to ensure visibility, while a staircase will be built at the basement to access the studio.

“The structural elements in the building will also be strengthened, while the two projections at both ends (stair halls) of the current frontage will be retained.”

The governor’s aide said the clarification by the government as well as reports credited to Ayefele yesterday, where he thanked Ajimobi and stated that the governor had “through this magnanimity helped us to right our wrong and we shall be eternally grateful to him” should lay the matter to rest.

He urged those seeking to rubbish the governor’s political capital, which he built in the past seven years through purposeful governance and unprecedented achievements to look elsewhere.


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  1. Just glad the constituted authority has reasoned like a human being

  2. Nice development, the Governors handlers did a good job. It’s good when government behaves like this when a decision doesn’t go well with masses.

  3. Nice one but if it was an ordinary person the government won’t get involved

  4. I commend the government of Oyo state on this reconstruction.

  5. The Oyo State did a great thing, that is very nice of them

  6. Nice one by oyo state governor you did a great thing

  7. They oyo state government is playing a row in a house instead of remembering the poor ones

  8. Using public money to help one individual,is he in oyo state budget

  9. The right will always be right, truth is always constituency. Thanks for state government

  10. I never know why OYO state Government demolished the building in the first place. The money that should be used judiciously on something else would be used to repair the building

  11. Do we continue to politice everything including development.

  12. Helping the rich getting richer and leaving the poor to become more poor, this isn’t right

  13. the government had did the right things.. development is the major thing a state need. but some people are always critics…xmd me

  14. This is a welcomed development. This would serve as deterrent to others violating state building codes.

  15. It a government role to enlightened the populace

  16. it is well with this nation. until the welfare of every human really count, and equally, the we still have a long way to go. i still hope the end result is positive

  17. Congration to Mr Yinka Ayefele and Thanks to The Oba of Ibadan for his effort toward the new development and thanks to the Oyo state Governor

  18. Congratulaion to Mr Yinka Ayefele and Thanks to The Oba of Ibadan for his effort toward the new development and thanks to the Oyo state Governor

  19. Congratulations to Ayefele, ile oba to Jo ewa lobukun

  20. This particular plot has a political backing, we all know how politics play in nigeria

  21. politucs at play, why was it demolished in the first place

  22. the government should do something fast about that

  23. It is always good to do the right thing so that everybody will be happy

  24. This Is Very Good That They Have Decided To Step Up For Their Mistake.

  25. They should pay fine for disturbing the man

  26. Influence and Interest demolishing our government

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