How to refer new members to Rant Money as free membership registration ends

Hello Ranters!

We have some exciting news for all Ranters following the implementation of some technicalities on our website which will enable affiliates earn more money from member referrals.

Please note the following:

Rant Money tech team has as of today ended free membership registrations on our website which means from now on new members must pay a one-time membership fee of ₦1,500 before they can participate in Rant Money income program.

What this means for affiliates:

Before now new members can register without payment and this has been making it a little bit difficult for our affiliates to convert their referrals and make ₦1,000 referral commission because most of the time new members don’t like paying immediately and may not even pay within 5 days of registering which leads to loss of the ₦1,000 referral commission. We are happy to say that this is now in the past and affiliates can now earn more because there is no any other way to register on this website apart from affiliate referrals.

Also, any member who make up-to 10,000 can cash-out at any time of the month. This means that if you refer 10 members  within a month you can request for cash-out at any point in time, no more monthly withdrawal for such hardworking Ranters!

How to refer:

There are two ways to refer new members in this program:

1. Using the default referral link – affiliates can share their referral links to their prospective referrals and any successful order through their link will automatically generate the ₦1,000 referral commission.

2. Your affiliate ID – Affiliates can as well give their affiliate ID to their prospective referrals to input on the order form while checking out, with the ID correctly inputted the order will be tracked to credit the affiliate his/her ₦1,000 referral commission after a successful payment of ₦1,500 membership fee.

If you have not upgraded now is the time because we are giving all free members opportunity to upgrade now with all their existing earnings intact – this offer expires November 30, 2018 after which it returns to loss of earnings as stated in our terms and conditions.

We also want to state that free membership will officially end by January 2019 and all free members will be deleted from the system.

Any further question should be dropped in the comment section so our moderators can answer all your questions.

NOTE: No complaints is allowed in comment section, only legit questions – any complaint should be directed to our customer care lines which can be found in the contact page.

Have a great day!

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  1. That is a welcome development really appreciate the gesture

  2. that’s a good development meaning I need to upgrade my account

    1. Upgrading of account is crucial here. I don’t know why you’ll be operating this site without wanted to pay the registration fee. Pay and become a bonafide ranter.

  3. This is a very good update thanks for posting

  4. I did not even know that there was an opportunity like that.No problems anyway

  5. This will bring more people to rant affiliate program

  6. What is the maximum number of days for a registered member to pay the 1,500 naira

  7. A welcome development. Thanks to ranthq management.

  8. Those that paid their reg fee do they need to upgrade account again??

    1. Did you see anything that suggests that in this post? that’s how you guyz start a rumor. He clearly said “one-time registration fee of 1,500”

  9. tank u. i like this. i upgraded mine yesterday.

  10. I love this new development,no more loss of referal commission

  11. you guys did a good job in evaluating this issue, thank you very much for this new protocol

  12. This is great. No complain on the comment box. Thanks for this so that it will not scare intending member

  13. Nice and compensable update….All thanks to rant money.

  14. This is great now referral earning would surely be paid …cool

  15. Its really good, especially the 10k withdrawal thing

  16. that is a good one
    please how can i post a news

  17. This is a good improvement in rant money

  18. Thanks OS much rant money for the news development.

  19. Rant money is cool, the best and its getting bigger and better. kudos to admin.

  20. Thanks. I’ll Upgrade Tomorrow By Gods Grace. If I Pay To The Bank Account, How Long Do I Have To Wait Before My Account Is Upgraded? Please Answer ASAP.

    1. Your account will be activated as soon as we get alert and you send us your Rant Money username through our contact lines as seen in the link here:

  21. With all these…. Rant really cares for Affiliates member

  22. That’s good development and good morning to Nigerians

  23. Thats good to know, now that i got my payment referring will be easier

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