Refer those who want to build websites to Gabzy Media & Get ₦2,500 commission

Hello Ranters,

You can now earn ₦2,500 affiliate commission when you Refer those who want to build websites to Gabzy Media.

Gabzy Media is Renowned for being one of the best website development company in Nigeria, our web design and development service helps clients grow their businesses online. We build websites that are not only visually beautiful, but also functionally effective. Our team of web strategists, designers, developers, and project managers work together to help clients meet their business objectives.


Gabzy media leads the eCommerce website development industry in Nigeria. We have built 20+ fully functional online stores with varying features and functionality, and in diverse industries. From start-ups to multinationals, we’ve taken companies from zero to nine-figure e-commerce turnover. Achievement of this kind of phenomenal growth requires stunningly beautiful and usable websites – and that is what we work with our clients to deliver.

Online Stores built by Gabzy Media are characterized by their appealing user interface, localized shipping and payment methods, and seamless e-commerce experience.

Our web design Services also includes:

  • Highly Professional Design
  • 100% Unlimited revisions
  • Mobile Friendly websites
  • Blogs optimized for users & search engines
  • Business/Company websites
  • E-commerce with various payment methods
  • Websites for All professions
  • Real Estate (IDX / MLS)
  • SEO Friendly URLs
  • Secure Websites
  • Easy to use Admin Panel with manual
  • Custom Designing
  • User friendly and attractive layout
  • Newsletter subscription, Mailing lists
  • Tailored Websites
  • And much more..

Why Choose Gabzy Media?

We only use the best, most appropriate tools for each project, whether it is E-Commerce, Education, Non-Profit, Startups, Corporate Business websites, we will build under the best frameworks.

Our designers create websites from chosen templates to mitigate any ambiguities plus we will be using content management systems that are easy to use and managed by the client after development, meaning that you can modify images and text on your pages but you can’t modify the overall layout of those pages.

The Management system makes it easy for you to control the settings that are most important to you, but prevents you from making changes that will ‘mess up’ your site.

You have a lot of control through the Content Management System. If you have specific questions about what you can and cannot modify, give us a call.

Some of our completed projects are:

Our basic package comes with:

  • One year hosting
  • Free domain
  • Website security
  • Basic SEO
  • 3 Months free technical support

With just ₦25,000 we will have your website set up in 24hrs!

How to refer

Create a campaign in your affiliate area with the link to our web design products which can be found here.

How to create a deep link for web design referals

In your affiliate area you can create a campaign for any product you want to promote to earn commission. Simply copy the product url and paste in the “page url” field, give your campaign a name for easy reference and then click on generate url to get your referral link for that particular product. Whenever anyone buy our web design services through your referral link you get ₦2,500 commission.

How to monitor your affiliate sales and referrals: It is very easy to monitor how many sales that has been made through your referral link or how many affiliates have registered through your link.

The statistics area is a summary of all your sales and referrals as shown below:

The graph area is the graphical presentation of your earnings arranged daily, weekly, monthly, etc as shown below:

The referral tab shows all the referrals and sales arranged according to date, it also shows you the statues of each referrals as shown below:

The payout tab shows you all referrals that has been paid out – normally it is credited into your activity earnings so all your earnings will be in one place for payout at the end of every month. See the image below for details:

And finally the withdrawal tab is for the withdrawal of all your earnings both referrals and activity earning which usually opens between 27 – 29 of every month – payments enters into your bank account between 27 – 30 of every month as well. Your balance must be up to ₦5,000 before you can submit withdrawal, anything less will not be paid. So if your balance is less than ₦5,000 at the end of the month just carry it over till next payout to make it up.

Conclusion: There is no limit to how much you can make on Rant Money if you are serious about making money online legitimately. As a student or dependent or even a worker you can make more money by following this simple strategy. So the only thing that can limit you from making money here is yourself, so stop doubting like the Thomases and start making money.

NOTE FOR BLOGGERS: If you are a blogger or have a website the easiest way to sell our products is to create a new post on your platform about the material you want to promote and then link it with your deep link generated for the product. When people visit your site or search on google they can find your post and buy through your link.

Earn more money by sharing this post. Copy and paste the URL below and share to friends, when they click and visit Rant Money website you earn:

You have been spending money buying data to read news online while publishers make huge revenue from adverts without giving you a dime; this is about to change as Rant Money now shares her advert revenue with readers - 

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Do NOT in any way copy/duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn. Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out totally as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continue the act again.

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