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How to register your Rant Money referrals using ATM card

Hello Ranters,

As a member of Rant Money Income program there is no limit to how much you can make daily, you can make even more money up to ₦5,000 daily when you refer just five members to register! Sounds difficult to you? Trust me there’s no such thing as an easy way to make money, if you want money, you must work for it! That’s not to say it’s impossible.

If you are an affiliate registering your referrals, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN before you begin registering new members, if you are a new member registering on your own this post also applies.

Step one: First Click here to begin your registration 

Step two: Check your cart and make sure there is only one item on your cart as seen in the image below, if there are more than one item click on the * sign to cancel and if there are more than one quantity on the rant income bundle change the number of the quantity to 1 and click on “update cart”:

Step three: Step three: If you are being refereed paste the affiliate ID that you received from him/her, alternatively you can also click his referral link and register. Fill out the rest of the form with your username and password 

Step four: Check and make sure your order balance is ₦1,600 naira, then check the terms and conditions and click on place order to pay with ATM card – 

Step five: Enter your card details and click on pay 1,500 as seen below:

Step six: Enter your pin secured by Paystack:

Step seven: You will be sent an OTP code via SMS, input it and authorise the transaction after which your transaction will be complete:

Order confirmation will be displayed as shown below:

Congratulations you are now a member of Rant Money Income Program and get ready to start making money here on daily basis, get paid weekly. Read this post here to know how you can make up to 5,000 daily.

Earn more money by sharing this post. Copy and paste the URL below and share to friends, when they click and visit Rant Money website you earn:

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  1. thank u for this update information.

  2. i have been trying to register a new member which i have been unable to, i will follow this step

  3. Easy step to take it not being difficult ot register

  4. Been trying to register all this while.. Thanks for the best tip

  5. I once had problem with this! Good advice

  6. Thanks for the clear tips… A lot of thanks to rant

  7. I love this it’s easy method thank for the tip

  8. Thanks For This Valuable Guideline

  9. this post is realy helpful

  10. Thanks rant money someone must work to get money that one is certain

  11. Please can you just increase the daily login earning,it’s just too low?

    1. If you want more money refer members and get 1k per sign up

  12. That’s a good tutorial but how safe is it?

    1. Paystack is the number one payment gateway in Africa. Most websites use them to collect payment and they are very secure.

  13. I love the registration format

  14. This is useful. Still awaiting my first referral.

  15. Thanks, i was finding it difficult of doing it

  16. nice tip is another a method to register rant money

  17. This is a very good information

  18. Av been using this, av used it before, thanks for the info

  19. That is very interesting paypack is better

  20. another method of register rant account good tip

  21. thanks for the info. u guys develope fast and i like it.

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