How you can register your referrals on Rant Money using coupon code

Hello Ranters,

In a bid to make registration for Rant Money Income Program seamless, we have deployed the use of coupon codes for anyone who is finding it difficult to pay through Paystack with ATM card. This post is a guide on how new members can register with coupon codes as well as affiliates registering their referrals.

If you are an affiliate registering your referrals, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT LOGGED IN before you begin registering new members, if you are a new member registering on your own this post also applies.

Step one: First click here to buy your coupon code and after getting it Click here to begin your registration 

Step two: Paste your coupon code as described in this image

Step three: If you are being refereed paste the affiliate ID that you received from him/her, alternatively you can also click his referral link and register. Fill out the rest of the form with your username and password 

Step four: Check and make sure your order balance is zero naira after applying your coupon code, then check the terms and conditions and click on place order to complete your registration

Step five: After completing the above step your order confirmation page will display as seen below:

Congratulations you are now a member of Rant Money Income Program and get ready to start making money here on daily basis and get paid weekly. Read this post here to know how you can make up to 5,000 daily.

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  1. I think the coupon code is kinda better and easier

  2. This is well illustrated,you have demystify the process and the registration is now easier than before.good work

  3. Thank You for the good development. It helps to register faster.

  4. This is another means of payment and basically to become a legal member of Rant Money. It means you’ve upgraded your account and you yourself have been upgraded.

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