Relationship Problems That Can Completely Mess Up Your S*x Life

affect your s*x life

Relationships and physical intimacy go hand in hand. A problem in one area almost always affects the other area.

There are some relationship problems that can affect your s*x life for the worse. And you cannot rekindle that physical connection if that major issue still persists. Here they are:


This can affect your s*x life whether you’re the cheater or the betrayed. The cheater, for instance, may feel so guilty about the affair that she just cannot completely enjoy the lovemaking process. In many cases, a cheater can even refuse to have s*x with her partner altogether. She cannot bear to get that close to someone she has hurt. As for the betrayed who learned about her partner’s affair, she may find it difficult to get the image of her significant other with someone else out of her head. This makes s*x extra difficult.

affect your s*x life

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Unresolved resentment

There will always be disagreements between couples. But the strongest ones ensure they sort out the big fights through communication. Some couples underestimate how bad animosity is for their relationship. Gradually, this can seep into your s*x life. You may find it difficult to get in the mood because s*x requires an emotional connection.

affect your s*x life

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Trust issues

A lack of trust in your relationship can affect your s*x life. There are some adventurous s*x acts that will require you to have complete trust in your partner. If your partner already finds it difficult to respect your boundaries outside of the bedroom, you will definitely hold back within as well.

To keep things steamy in the bedroom, it’s important that you recognize these signs that your s*x life is dying.

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  1. S*x during relationship is not the way to go

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    whether you’re the cheater
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