Rivers: ‘They Are Now Desperate’, Wike Mocks APC After Supreme Court Ruling

Rivers: 'They Are Now Desperate', Wike Mocks APC After Supreme Court Ruling
A file photo of Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike.


Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has taunted the All Progressives Congress following the ruling of the Supreme Court on the party’s primaries in the state.

The governor took a swipe at the party on Friday when he took his re-election campaign to Emohua Local Government Area of the state.

According to him, the APC is desperate and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has no opposition in the coming elections in the state.

Wike said, “They are now under desperation. If they like they can join any other group, but they will never be in existence. No party is in this state other than the Peoples Democratic Party.

“So, let us not take things for granted, we will make sure that we must do all the needful to protect and defend our votes.”

READ ALSOSupreme Court Upholds High Court Judgment Barring APC From Conducting Primaries In Rivers

The governor also warned the PDP supporters that they should not allow themselves to get carried away with the ruling of the apex court.

He described the presidential election as a contest between “darkness and light”, stressing the need for PDP supporters to work hard for the success of their candidate, Atiku Abubakar.

Governor Wike added that it was time for the PDP to reclaim power at the centre and rescue the nation and its people.

“Why are we saying that we must support Atiku Abubakar? Why are we saying that PDP must come back to the Federal Government?” he questioned.

The governor said, “We are saying so because we are tired of being in darkness. This is a war between darkness and light.”

Wike campaigned in Emohua LGA hours after the Supreme Court upheld the High Court judgment that initially barred the APC from conducting its ward, local government, and state congresses in the state, pending the determination of a suit that was filed by 22 aggrieved chieftains of the party.

The aggrieved party members had secured an interim injunction from a High Court in Port Harcourt in May 2018, which restrained the APC from going ahead with the indirect primaries that produced Mr Tonye Cole as governorship candidate and others to represent the party in the coming elections.

Earlier today, a five-man panel of justices led by Justice Mohammad Dattijo re-affirmed the previous ruling of the apex court which validated the High Court order that barred APC from conducting primaries in Rivers.

The Supreme Court evoked Section 22 of its Act which allows it to take over a matter and give final judgment to decide on the appeal.

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  1. well, what Wike said is true, APC have no ground in Rivers state for now

  2. Apc is not cooperative in rivers thats why they landed their self in this

  3. I wonder why rivets are now desperate about the supreme

  4. Our able governor wike we are strongly behind you

  5. So pdp is light? When Atiku is in charge of importation of Mikano generators? We would just start our darkness by then

  6. I think he is right, They are not cooperative

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