RRS arrests suspected attackers of The Guardian editor

Operatives of the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad (RRS) on Wednesday evening arrested three suspected traffic robbers, who attacked motorists in Anthony, Oshodi, Lagos.

The suspects, Samson Oyetayo, 22, Tunde Segun, 20 and Ayo Omoniyi, 24, the police said, were those who allegedly attacked the Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian, Debo Adeshina.

The suspects allegedly dispossessed him of his phone and wallet containing his ID card, four ATM cards and complementary cards, which the police later recovered from them.

It was gathered that hoodlums went on the rampage around 5pm on Wednesday, breaking motorists’ windscreens, side glasses and looting their valuables.

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They were said to have been arrested while fleeing the scene, following security reinforcement in the area, prompted by distress calls to the police.

According to the suspects, hoodlums distracted their victims in traffic to pave the way for other gang members to rob them.

Oyetayo confessed that he begged Adeshina for alms and he rolled down his glass and gave him N2,000.

He said: “I begged him to give me money for food, the man rolled down his door glass and gave my friend and I N2000.

“Unknown to me, some of my friends had opened his door from the passenger’s side, stealing his phone. They escaped.

“RRS riders saw them and arrested Tunde, Segun and I. The phone was recovered from Segun.”

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    1. Sylvester Micheal Efeokhai

      Yes na

  1. They should be dealt with. Good job to the RRS

  2. This is one of the manifestation of joblessness

  3. kudos to the police officers who moved in swiftly to curb this situation

  4. please let investigate it immediately

  5. but I we just tell them to investigate well before they start judgement ooh

  6. Good! Let the dirty case like this should be seriously dealt with

  7. More arrest should be made. it is a good development

  8. That is a negative effect of Unemployment

  9. This is what we want. Quick action to ugly situations

  10. When we failed to make education a priority, miscreant will increase.

  11. They should be made to face the law

  12. Poverty in the land! God save us in Nigeria.

  13. the two must face the consequence of what they had done.

  14. the person should be prosecuted accordingly.

  15. They should be investigated and prosecuted.

  16. That was very good of them, traffic robbers very bad set of humans.

  17. This is terrible kudos to the Rapid response squad for their good job

  18. Good job on the part of RRS. The robbers should be dealt with according to the constitutional laws

  19. You people should have the fear of God in you.. You asked for alms, and he gave you and you cohort N2000, was that not enough?. They went ahead to rob him. This is why people don’t like helping people.

    1. Can you just imagine that bro… They should be seriously dealt with for the action taken. If they had access to gun they would have shot or killed anybody that might want to prove sturbon.

  20. Its because of the high rate of joblessness

  21. let investigation be made thoroughly.

  22. Good job and well done to Operatives of the Lagos State Rapid Response Squad.

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