Fact Check: Are sellers actually using sniper to preserve beans?

The fact check team at has spotted a report currently trending among residents of Lagos alleging Beans sellers in Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos State has been using sniper to preserve beans.

The News Agency of Nigeria confirmed that there have been concerns among residents of Lagos over the allegation that beans sellers were using sniper to preserve the commodity.

The Federal Government on Monday also confirmed the report when it declared that Nigeria is in a real crisis as a result of the use of harmful chemicals for the preservation of agricultural produce by farmers and dealers in the sector. It disclosed this following the recent discovery where a trader who sells beans was seen using a poisonous chemical, Sniper, to preserve the commodity.

The Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service has also expressed fear over the use of sniper in the preservation of beans.

Beans sellers deny report

Following the report alleging beans sellers are using dangerous substances to preserve beans, traders in Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos State have refuted the allegation, that they are using, an insecticide, called sniper, to preserve their commodity.

Beans traders aired their opinions on the alleged news of sniper when the Multimedia team of NAN visited the market.

One of the traders, Mr Chigozie Okoye, said his customers had asked questions since the news of sniper as preservative went viral but it had not really affected his sales.

“People come and ask questions that they are scared of buying beans these days with the news they have heard and different other things.

“But I do not think it has really affected a lot.

“It has not really affected a lot.

“But they buy it in lesser quantities now because everybody is waiting to know what will happen,” Okoye said.

On his part, Mr Isaac Ifeanyi said some customers are sceptical about purchasing beans but the integrity of the sellers overtime have kept them coming.

“We have gotten a lot of complaints about the sniper stuff.

“Actually, it has not really affected sales because we preserve our own (beans) very well.

“We have our customers and they still come.

“We do not really have complaints about the news itself.

“It just borders on integrity; they want to know and be sure that we are not doing the same thing they hear in the news.

“We just make sure we assure them that everything is ok,’’ Ifeanyi said.

Another trader, Malam Adamu Bello, also said the allegations were lies, aimed at ruining the traders’ business.

“One of my customers told me he heard some news on radio about the use of sniper as preservatives in beans but it is not true.

“This is not true; they spread this news to ruin our trade.

“The Malams’ pushing wheelbarrow sell at a cheaper rate than those who own shops.

“Those in the shops sell costlier but those who hawk with wheelbarrows sell lesser.

“They do it to ruin the hawkers’ sale but I insist the news is not true.

“I can chew our beans raw without fear because there is nothing inside.

“It is a lie; such preservatives are not used in our beans.

“My sales have not dropped despite the news, I still make the same sales,” Bello said.

Is the report true?

Considering the concerns from the public and the federal government as well as Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service, it is hard to dispute the authenticity of this report. The News Agency of Nigeria also confirmed that there have been concerns among residents of Lagos over the allegation. strongly advises consumers to use their discretion on where they buy the commodity carefully observing the product before and after buying. Although we cannot confirm authoritatively that sellers are actually using sniper to preserve beans, in the same vein we can neither dispute the report.


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  1. he want many Nigerians dead, but God will not allow that to happen

    1. Sylvester Micheal Efeokhai

      na so

  2. I totally don’t believe the possibility of beans traders using such a deadly chemical as preservatives

  3. Why will they use sniper to preserve beans? Don’t they know that sniper is poison? It kills for their information. They should stop it now

    1. What have you done to educate them about it?

  4. Thanks For This Information. People Will Also Watch Out And Take Care Of Themselves Through This.

  5. Let them investigate on it , if it is true , they better stop it because sniper is dangerous to our health

  6. it will amount to shear wickedness on the part of the traders if they now use snipper to preserve beans meant for human consumption

  7. This is really bad, all for the sake of ur business killing others

  8. Everything in this country is so messed up. How did we get to this extent?

  9. This are signs that we should be mindful of what we eat

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  11. Something need to be urgently done before we have enough casualties.

  12. even if actually they’re using sniper they won’t own up

  13. I think something urgently needs to be done about this

  14. Good information. People must wash their beans properly before eating to avoid poison.

  15. They have told us the way out. Just wash it and add boiled water on the beans before cooking it.

  16. why are human beings so wicked
    It is only God bless that will save us

  17. There should be a close monitoring of the beans dealers on the part of the government and general public

  18. yes o I watched the video live of those Hausa selling beans,putting sniper on beans

  19. The act of using snipper is extremely dangerous to human health

  20. Information is power i heard about the news if it is true that beans seller are using sniper it is high time to put an end to such act

    1. Not even like that. Government should take a very disciplinary action on any sellers caught in the act otherwise they’ll continue with the act.

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    hope it can help some people how to make money

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