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Sensitisation Ongoing To Reduce Void Votes – INEC

No Diaspora Voting For IDPs In 2019, Says INEC


As campaigns intensify across the country ahead of February’s general elections, the Resident Electoral Commissioner in Oyo State, Mutiu Agboke, says sensitisation of voters has become necessary and is ongoing in the state.

According to him, this would help to ensure ballots are properly cast to avoid void votes.

Agboke said this on Thursday while addressing journalists at the end of a security meeting at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Ibadan.

He also added that interactions are ongoing between INEC and security agencies to ensure a smooth, credible and violence-free election in February.

According to him, better strategies are being put in place to contain any breach of peace, especially in identified flashpoints.

The REC also called on residents of the state to do their best to ensure a rancour-free exercise.

He also warned that no one should be tempted to sell their PVCs for any reason.

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  1. Thank you for the vital update

  2. If they are able to do that the better.

  3. Thanks INEC should do more to avoid rigging too

  4. INEC should do all things possible to avoid rigging

  5. INEC is doing well, but my advise to corps member is to be vigilant particular those in the North.

  6. It will be achievable if that can be put in place.

  7. I so use this opportunity to abeg corps members not to involved in ringing.

  8. If this can be done, i will actually love it.

  9. i know INEC will do their best

  10. This should have done long ago not now election is at corner

  11. That is fantastic favorite work from the INEC thank for the update

  12. Niceone, keep up the good work

  13. I pray this work out as plans.

  14. it is good, thanks for the information

  15. That Is A Very Good Improvement. It Will Go A Very Long Way.

  16. Good update thanks keep it up you the best

  17. that of vote buying should also be organized

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