Simi And Mr P Team Up On New Love Song ‘Zombie’

Simi And Mr P Team Up On His New Love Song 'Zombie' ZUMI

Simi and Mr P are probably the most unlikely musical pair you can think of, but somehow this collaboration works.

It is already one year since Peter and Paul Okoye launched their solo music careers under the names, Mr P and Rudeboy. Although going solo seemed like a bad decision at the time, their latest projects prove that they may do great as individual artists. Now that Simi and Mr P have teamed up on his best solo single yet, perhaps we should expect even better music from him.

Simi And Mr P Team Up On His New Love Song 'Zombie' ZUMI

(Photo: Vevo/Mr P)

Simi And Mr P Team Up On His New Love Song 'Zombie' ZUMI

(Photo: Vevo/Mr P)

On the Daihardbeats-produced song, Mr P and Simi sing about a love that sends them over the edge – what’s love in Nigeria without a little bit of crazy? Nevertheless, the two singers share a surprising harmony and vocally match each other, something we didn’t expect from this unlikely pair.

Despite the vocal chemistry, the video for “Zombie” is not as interesting as the audio. Like every other Nigerian love song, there’s a scene with one of the singers on the beach. At any rate, Simi is our favourite part of the Unlimited LA-directed video as she steals the show with her popping skin and cute braids.

Watch the video for “Zombie” below:


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  1. I know for sure that this will be a serious hit from both superstar

  2. Simi is good when it comes to music so featuring Mr p is not a waste of time…. Nice combo from you guys

  3. I no that this we be interesting music… I we download it

  4. I no that this we be interesting music… I we download it

  5. great hope the song we be perfectly okay because i never download it

  6. That so good, i will like to listen to the song

  7. Me l will watch the video later

  8. seriously? change is constant,its a nice song

  9. expecting a nice collaboration from the both

  10. They tried with just one/one verse and chorus on top. Good work!

  11. I can’t wait to jam this am sure it will be hot

  12. Great one Simi and Mr P. Interesting love song

  13. I will need to download and listen to this music

  14. OK I would be looking to download the song.

  15. Wishing him the very best in their endeavours

  16. Zombie, OK, I hope the song will make sense

  17. Very nice song. Going straight to download audio.

  18. That is interesting, Can not wait to hear

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