Sponsored task (1) – January 7, 2019

We have advertisers who want Ranters to post comments and share their post on Facebook and twitter – participants will earn ₦30 per tasks completed on each post and there will be at least two post to promote daily which means there can be 2, 3, or 4 tasks to perform daily and potentially increase your daily earnings.

Follow this step to participate in today’s sponsored task:

1.Click on this link and go to our sponsor’s post

2. Comment on the post using your Name – the same name that appears when you comment on Rant Money

3. Share the post on your Facebook and twitter timeline using share buttons

4. Then come back here and confirm you have completed the task to earn

Kindly follow this simple rule when performing this task:

1.Make sure you use your rant money profile url as your website in the comment form

2. Use the name that appears when you comment on Rant Money as your name on the site

3. We will verify you completed the task, any foul play will result to loss of your earnings

4. Your comment must be interactive according to our standard comment policy

Confirm You Have Posted The Sponsored Post As Instructed To Earn

  • Yes - Credit My Account (100%, 24 Shares)

Total Shares: 24

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Earn more money by sharing this post. Copy and paste the URL below and share to friends, when they click and visit Rant Money website you earn: https://ranthq.com.ng0


  1. Wow new ideas and ways cool

  2. I love this! New ways to make extra income. Let’s get Ranting!

  3. Rant is the best way to make money

  4. This new method is better that the previous one.

  5. they is a nice UPDATE, i have try. can’t shared to my facebook page 3

  6. This is pretty cool for all ranters

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  9. This is nice… I really recommend this to any one who needs to get their struggling finances settled once and for all. Many Cheers to Ranthq and team

    1. It is really awesome, couldn’t agree less with you

  10. Wow,this is hectic and complicated.

    1. It seems you are the only one who finds it complicated

  11. this is another fantastic method of earning thanks to you rant


  13. Rant is doing great for all of its ranters…. More grace Admin

  14. I enjoy this type of Sponsor post

  15. rant income God we continue to be blessing you more for this great opportunity to earn money

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  20. Cool thanks for giving chances to earn more

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  23. Jamb needs to do more with dissemination of information

  24. thank God more income is coming,

  25. That’s a good development from the Rant administrators

  26. I commented just now and I did not see the comment

  27. I comment also but I didnt see it… Thanks for the sale

  28. The first sponsored task for today has been completed by me

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