Take advantage of post creation and make more cash

For sometime now only a few of us had taken advantage of post creation, some do it well while so many do it the wrong way.

To get your post approved, the following criteria must be met.

1. You are allowed to post eyewitness news and other newsworthy happenings around you and it must be backed up with pictures but news from other websites or blogs will not be approved

2. Don’t job vacancies, only moderators are allowed to post that because all the news posted must be verified to avoid posting fake news and fake job opportunities.

3. Take a niche and focus on it, when you copy from other sites or blogs acknowledge the author and when posting personal article specify it.

4. If you are copying an article from somewhere make sure it is well edited and don’t leave half & half sentences, this is the major reason why many of your posts are not been published and this shows lack of commitment and laziness towards work.

5. In your post upload accurate photos, use correct English every reader can understand and make it simple.

6. Religious articles can only be approved on Sundays and Fridays, other niches that you need to explore include computing, engineering, agriculture, health, phones, music etc.

You can see recently that we approve posts that met or nearly met our criteria and the hardworking ones are making money from it.

About comment section

You will all notice that there have been an improvement on our comment section, this was as a result of the action we took.

You all know that anything good is worth doing well, comments such as k, OK, yea, hmmm, lol, good, nice post, good update, thanks for the update, good information, I agree with you, wow, beautiful post, nice one etc or those that repeat same comment on all post or those that copy people comment and post, all these kinds of comments are been moved to trash that’s why you can’t earn from them.

Those people that do such comments must have noticed that those comments are no longer there when they comes back, our bot has been programmed to do the job so don’t waste your time putting up an invalid comment because it won’t earn you money, rather do a constructive comment that will add value to readers.

It is better to have just 5 valid comments than thousands of invalid comments in a post, if you visit a forum and see comments like OK, k, hmm,nice one, lol, wow will you continue going there? My guess is as good as yours, so don’t think we are strict, we are just trying to remain in business, you will enjoy all dividends accrued to this site when you follow the rules.

Have a nice day and your opinions will be welcomed in the comment box.


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Rant Money Comment Policy

Your comments MUST BE constructive with vivid and clear suggestion relating to the post.

Your comments MUST NOT be less than 5 words.

Do NOT in any way copy/duplicate or transmit another members comment and paste to earn. Members who indulge themselves copying and duplicating comments, their earnings would be wiped out totally as a warning and Account deactivated if the user continue the act again.

Rant Money does not pay for exclamatory comments Such as hahaha, nice one, wow, congrats, lmao, lol, etc are strictly forbidden and disallowed. Kindly adhere to this rule.

Constructive REPLY to comments is allowed


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  1. We should follow the instructions given.

  2. Rule are needed so were there will be no disappointment

  3. Good info,let me see if I can make some cash

  4. You didn’t reemphasize the new article writing.

    1. Egunmogaji,

      That’s a different project and this has nothing to do with it.

  5. this information is very helpful,i will share it with other people

  6. Thanks for the information, a lot of us are not following it rightly

  7. Does it mean that exclamatory comments will automatically be deducted as soon as it’s been moved to trash

  8. THis instruction is very simple to follow. Thanks for this update

  9. Sincerely,this has helped me a great deal. It motivated me to always read through the post before commenting.

  10. Although I am new here, I would like to know more about the post creation part of it. As a blogger and newspaper opinion writer, it sounds like an area I would like to focus on.

  11. I wish I have that much time to write articles.

  12. upon the explanation,some are still violating the comment rules

  13. nice improvement…well structured comments…will start coming

  14. I tried posting an article it didnt post i wasted my time writting

  15. We should be pardoned, we will take corrections


  17. Thank u very much for this orientation, I will try my best to keep to it

  18. Thanks for the heads up and advice for how to many good comment

  19. I don’t still it well. The later part of point 1 seems to oppose point 3 and 4

  20. a land with no rules have no sins,let us all abide by this rules and regulations.

  21. Thanks. I will be making some post based on agric farming, your regulations will be followed.

  22. thanks to the administrator for enlightening us.

  23. Everyone on this program should follow these instructions, great one

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