Take your fashion design business to the next level with Custom Tailoring Website

Are you a fashion designer or runs a tailoring shop? If yes now is the time to repackage and take your business to the next level. We are already in a festive period when fashion design needs are in high demand; you may have your shop in a street corner and most of your customers are your neighbors or people staying in your street? Now that is the hardcore way of going about it!

We are in a digital age where most businesses go online and taking full advantage of digital marketing to reach new customers. We at Gabzy Media are on a mission to bring businesses online including fashion design and tailoring workshop.

We don’t just build your custom fashion design website, we create a brand that people can easily relate to and help in marketing your business to people who needs your service. How far you can reach is entirely upto you because we can get you customers from the city you base, your local government, your state or even across the country depending on your budget or growth appetite.

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Overview of what we can offer your fashion design business

Finding clothes that fit you perfectly no doubt is difficult but equally exhausting is the job of locating a good tailor and going for multiple fitting sessions. Online custom clothing platforms address this primitive concern in a very efficient manner. Custom tailoring websites enable users to select fabric, design it as per their style, and get the stitched piece of clothing delivered to their doorstep.

The growing demand of custom clothing and success of Modern Tailor marketplaces has motivated entrepreneurs to start their own venture based on a similar business model. Looking at the same trend, market researchers at Gabzy Media have listed the best features which should be part of your custom clothing clone website.

But before studying the features, let’s first thoroughly understand the business model of this booming industry.

Business Model

Primarily the business model of such platforms revolves around selling custom made clothes including shirts, traditional waers, trousers, business suits, jackets, blazers, and accessories. The major highlights of the process are:

  • Fabric selection
  • Style selection covering collar, buttons, cuffs etc.
  • Submission of measurements
  • Payment and delivery details

Once the order is received and the payment has been made,  you start customizing the shirt/dress according to the inputs provided by the user. Order is shipped to the user upon completion.

online custom tailoring business model

So, this is how things work on our custom tailoring websites. Now, let’s see how they make money during the process.

Revenue Generation Model

As the business concept of custom clothing websites deals with sales of finished products, the website owners earn direct revenue from customers depending on the number of orders received.

In addition to that, banner ads is also a viable revenue generation channel for these platforms.

That should be enough for the business end, time to explain the most critical websites features we include in our custom clothing websites.

Website overview

Your custom clothing website should have a neat interface. Users should be able to browse the website & explore all of its basic features without creating an account. For instance, users should be able to choose a fabric and design their clothing without signing up. However, sign-up should be required at the time of updating your measurements and finalizing the order. By allowing non-obligatory access, we give your customers chance to understand your website fairly, as only then will you have a better chance to grab them.

Let’s check out major sections & features of the website one by one.

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Given that users on your website will typically be style obsessed people, you need to design a homepage that leaves a lasting impression. The first fold area should feature an eye-catching image on which an equally catchy website message should be displayed. The website message should also give users a clear idea on what the website is about.

Top Navigation

The top navigation bar of your custom clothing website should feature tabs for all the essential pages such as How It Works section, Sign-up/login options, as well as for separate channels for customizing and designing different types of clothes. You can design the top navigation bar of your custom clothing website with following tabs:

  • Shirts
  • Pants
  • Suits
  • Jackets
  • Accessories (tie, cufflinks, tie-bow, etc.)
  • How It Works
  • Offers (on-going discounts and other offers)

Below-the-fold Area

The below-the-fold area should be used to feature a section that quickly explains how things work on the website. Below that, you can feature a grid of images of the past work done on the website. Additionally, featuring testimonials of past clients on the homepage will also be a good implementation to engage visiting users more.


The footer section of your custom clothing website should be vast and serve as a sitemap with all important links mentioned smartly. Following quick links should be listed in the footer area:

  • To all products
  • FAQ/Help Section
  • To content-based pages
  • Social media plugins

Preparing the homepage fo your custom clothing platform this way is essential from UX perspective, since how a user feels about using you website once he is there has a direct impact on its conversion.

UX Design of your website can make or break your business

Now, let’s get down exploring the website’s main feature, i.e. customizing clothes.

Customize a Shirt

custom tailoring portal process flow

To make sure that user can proceed with ease, you can divide the customization process into following steps:

Step 1: Choose Fabric

Choosing a fabric should be the first step to customize the shirt. Make sure your website lists the fabrics in a nice visual arrangement. Main features within this section include:

  • Filter options to sort fabric by price, color, pattern, material, thread count and other
  • Additional filter options to choose fabric according to season are also available
  • Pricing has been mentioned along each fabric

Step 2: Choose Style

After choosing a fabric for a shirt, users should be provided an option to customize the style of the shirt. The styling options that you should offer include:

  • Collar
  • Cuffs
  • Buttons
  • Pockets & Monogram
  • Others (Placket, Button hole, thread, back, bottom cut, etc.)

Price of each option should be mentioned upfront and the total price of the deign should keep getting updated as users choose and custom style.
Other unique features in this section include:

  • Option to upload an image of the desired design
  • Option to showcase the stitched shirt
  • Option to skip the addition of website label in the collar back

Step 3: Measurement

The next step to shirt customization process would be providing the measurements. This is a crucial step since the shirt will be tailored according to the shared dimensions. Options provided under this section should include.

  • Add Your Measurements (Users can take help from available measurement guides)
  • Pick a Standard Size (Choose S, M, L, XL, XXL etc.)
  • Duplicate your Clothing (Send your perfect fit stitched shirt)

Our business analysts recommend all these 3 methods to be integrated in your custom shirt design clone website.

Step 4: Checkout

The 4th step will be the Checkout and should list all the details of the product. On this page users should be able to:

  • Update the quantity
  • Enter a discount/voucher code
  • Make changes in the order details
  • Go back to customize the shirt further

Step 5: Order Confirmation

Under shirt customization section, the next should be order conformation. Details to include on this page are:

  • All details of the product
  • Shipping options along with cost
  • A link to terms and conditions

Step 6: Payment

The 6th and last step would ask the user their payment details. To enhance the user experience, offer multiple options to make a payment. After making the payment the order would be placed from the user side. Then onwards, will work on the customers’ custom shirt design and your delivery partner will deliver it on customers’ doorstep.

So, here we have covered the functionality of the basic feature of a custom clothing platform. Now, let’s discuss some value added features that will make your website more useful to users.

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Measurement Guides

Measurement guides are an essential feature for any custom design clothing website and they should definitely be a part of your website. Make sure to include following measurement guides:

  • Men’s Shirt Measurement Guide
  • Men’s Pants Measurement Guide
  • Men’s Suit Measurement Guide
  • Women’s Shirt Measurement Guide

Style Guides

Our custom tailoring website gives users the option to style their own and we have therefore created an itemized style guide that aims at depicting trends through high definition pictures. Adding this feature to your custom clothing website will make you a favorite among users.

Video Guides

We Make growing preference of video content work for you by creating short videos about your product and uploading them on Youtube or Vimeo.

Shirt Showcase

The shirt showcase is another excellent feature that will give your custom tailoring clone website an edge over others. Its main highlights are as follow:

  • Shirt Showcase will list all shirts which are made on custom order
  • An option not to list your shirt in the showcase is available should be available while ordering
  • An order for a selected shirt can be placed from the showcase
  • Vast filter options should be provided to list the shirt designs according to requirement
  • A search bar that lets users search for a shirt design by inputting the fabric number

Partner Network (Affiliate)

In order to increase the traffic and sales, your custom clothing website should have an affiliate program in place. This will a mindful investment that will help you broaden your platform’s reach rather quickly.

FAQ Section

A new customer would have a lot of questions about ordering a custom shirt from the internet. Therefore, we will include the FAQ section to provide all the necessary information to your users. We Make sure that the FAQ section is well categorized under different topics so that users can find the answers easily. Additionally, users should also be allowed to ask a new question in case they couldn’t find the answer in the existing database of Q&As.

Shipment Tracking Feature

We also integrate a shipment tracking feature to your website. This feature will help users track their courier, consequently, will build trust in them towards your website. Setting up such feature on your custom clothing clone script might need some extra work but it will be worth the effort as online shoppers like to know when they can expect the delivery.

Support Forum

A special support forum must be set up on your custom clothing platform where users can post complaints, ask queries, give appreciation, interact with other customers and so on. This will not only make customers stay longer on your website but will also help you in understanding customers’ need better and modify your offering accordingly.

Social Media Integration

Social media can play an important role in the growth of online businesses. Therefore, at each stage an option to share things with their friends on social media. For instance, all accessories should be featured with option such share the product with friends on Facebook, Pin it, etc. Same options should be provided with fabric/texture and the custom design that a customer has built.


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